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Stepping stones to get to the other side of CRM issuesResolving CRM challenges

Study after study shows that 30 to 60% of CRM projects fail to deliver as expected - so if you have issues with your CRM, you're not alone!

The good news is, most problem projects can be rescued.  Opsis are experts at giving you the stepping stones to get your CRM back on track.

Why do CRM projects fail to deliver as expected?

One of the biggest causes of problems with CRM solutions occurs when the original solution focussed too heavily on the user input of information, and not enough on the use of that information.  

Another cause of problems is when one team of users had all the say in the implemention, and so other teams, with different needs, now cannot be accommodated easily.

Many of our clients originally implemented CRM without expert assistance.  Others have lost faith in their original implementation partner, or maybe the original implementation partner no longer exists, or has lost their CRM people.  

In most cases, CRM is 'limping along' - some of it works, but the organisation is not getting the value it expected. For example:  

  • Your team don't understand how to use your CRM and what the data in it means.
  • Users don't follow standard processes, so CRM information is inconsistent and confusing.
  • CRM reports don't give the information managers and decision makers need.
  • The CRM doesn't work effectively for sales teams and others out on the road.
  • CRM data doesn't integrate with other business systems
  • Users simply don't like and don't use your CRM.

Sometimes experts were used, but these experts were so keen to please the people to whom they were talking, that they agreed to everything, without explaining the potential risks of taking such an action.

Next steps to resolve your CRM challenges

The first step in resolving CRM issues is to understand the key pain points for your business. If you know your CRM pain points already, a Scoping Workshop is a good place to start. If you're unhappy with the performance of your CRM but you can't pinpoint the problem, try a CRM Healthcheck.

Tell me about the Scoping Workshop  Tell me about the CRM Healthcheck

You could also ask us about:

  • Opsis ExpertAssist - a half or full day session where an expert consultant works with your team on your CRM implementation

Tell me about ExpertAssist

  • OpsisAssist - ongoing support contracts
  • CRM Upgrades - if your version of CRM doesn't support the functionality you need to make your business hum.


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Got questions about your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM training options?

Training is one of the items that separate a successful CRM project from an unsuccessful CRM project. But not all training is the same.


If you have questions about the training that will ensure your project success, we'd love to help.

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Opsis is an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consulting company. We are not an IT company, nor a management consultancy, although we often work with both of these.  Our focus is wholly CRM success, with Microsoft Dynamics 365.  We are based in Sydney, NSW, with clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.  Our range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services include CRM strategy, CRM scoping, Dynamics 365 implementation, technical  support and Dynamics 365 training.