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Getting through to your contacts easily using CRM.

If you are like me, for every successful phone call that you, or your team, make, you have to leave several voicemail messages, each of which takes time and eats into your day. You want to record that you have done this work, but Microsoft CRM does not make recording all of these voicemail messages and when they were left easy. But the Opsis Repeat Phone Call Manager makes this very simple.

With the Opsis Repeat Phone Call Manager you can record each of these attempts and automatically set a follow up call with a click of a button.

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Would you like to be able to manage all of your products and their pricing inside CRM, but without the headache of a massive data update project when prices or exchange rates change?

In this global economy, many companies need to sell to international markets and / or with a range or pricelists for different types of customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a very powerful product and price list model that supports almost any way that you would like to price the products and services that you sell, whether you sell in one currency or many, whether you sell at the same price to all your clients or have different prices for different types of customers.

But if your pricing is complex, this can also be very difficult to maintain, especially if you do not have an ERP solution looking after them for you.

One of our clients had to maintain 4 pricelists in each of 5 currencies. When there was a change to the pricing, which happens for them three or four times a year, it took about a week to work through all mechanics to implement the price rise. A smaller job also had to be done if there was a shift in the exchange rate. We reduced this to a background process which took about 30 minutes to run.

Prue Kitzler - Financial Controller / Company Secretary MESSAGEmanager Solutions

Price List Manager from Opsis solves this problem. Price List Manager enables you to have a master price list and any other price lists are maintained by a set of rules from this price list. So when a price change happens, whether that is for all your customers or currencies or products, or just some of them, a background process will take care of all of these changes for you.

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Recurring Orders

The power of CRM to easily manage recurring or repeating orders or invoices such as rentals or hire agreements.

Do you sell products where your customers place the same, sometimes complex, order each month or quarter or week?

This is very common for organisations which rent or hire their solutions to their customers on an on-going basis such as IT hosting companies or real estate agents, or in fact anyone who provides a rental or rental style solution or ongoing subscription style solution.

Would you like to be able to capture all of these orders inside CRM, so gaining the benefit of the associated invoicing and product fulfilment, and the visibility of who is ordering what without having to re-key the same information each month, or quarter or week?

Opsis' Recurring Orders solution allows for orders and optionally invoices to be generated periodically, be that daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. And once the order has been created - without any effort from you or your team, you can make minor adjustments to the order before sending to your order fulfilment team or whoever comes next in your process.

The new orders are generated by an external process that is run each day and can also be associated with any other appropriate automation such as alerts or emails.

The Recurring Order functionality will give you all of the dashboard and forecasting benefits of having each order in CRM, with the appropriate creation date without you or your team having to repeat the data entry.  If you have 1000 orders of this type per year, you will save upwards of 60 man-days per year of data entry – based on 5 minutes per order and an average of six copied orders per order.  If the average cost to your business for a person doing this data entry is a salary of $60K you will save roughly $50,000 per year.

recurring order in CRM

The screenshot above shows a recurring order which will recurr every month on the first of the month for year.

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Working time for CRM Workflow

Imagine using CRM to manage all your client call-backs and follow-ups simply and easily - without working 168 hours per week.

Nobody likes to come into work and be greeted by a pile of overdue tasks. And this is made worse if most of these tasks are not really overdue, but the system just thinks that they are overdue because it does not understand that you do not work 168 hours per week. If you need to ensure that your clients are called back within a certain time period, or that something else is done within a certain timeframe this usually means a certain time period based on business hours.

Microsoft CRM workflow allows escalations, actions or alerts based on elapsed time since another event occurred. But it does not allow for this to be based on your working time, so if you need a call back to be done within four hours of an opportunity being created, and an opportunity is created at 4pm, the call back will be due at 8pm. This will lead to many tasks falling due overnight and over the weekend.

But with Opsis Working Time for Workflow this same call back will fall due 11:30am the next day, not 8pm that night. Working time for Workflow also understands about your public holidays and shift working.

If you have tasks or alerts due in hours (rather than days) after they are set, and you do not work 24 hours each day, then you need Opsis Working time for Workflow.

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Questions about your Microsoft Dynamics 365 training options?

Not all Dynamics 365 training is the same.  The best CRM for you is the one that you have learnt to use - rather than the one with specific features.


If you have questions about the training that will ensure your project success, we'd love to help.

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