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CRM - Why?

Why small businesses need a CRM solution 

In this presentation, part of InnovestSME's "Start Up Business Ownership certificate", on 9th December 2017, Gill highlights some of the key functionality that successful CRM should deliver to any business.

This presentation shows the owners of start up, owner-operator, small businesses who have little experience of CRM how a CRM solution is essential to their success - now and in the future.

The concepts covered include:

  • Why all businesses should include a CRM solution as part of their stratiegic plan
  • Different meanings of CRM
  • Benefits that succesful CRM - regardless of the technology selected - will bring to you



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What type of Microsoft Dynamics 365 project best meets your needs?

project sm

Are you planning a Microsoft Dynamics project?  Or perhaps you are already in the middle of one?  Perhaps the key decisions rest with you?  Perhaps you inherited a project?  As you have probably realised, not all projects are created equal. Some projects are amazingly successful and deliver huge benefits to the organisation. Some projects are less successful, and some are downright awful.

Knowing what the nature of project that will meet your needs is, is a big step on the way to project success - now and into the future.   Given that up to 80% of projects fail, and 14% of CEO's would junk their current CRM, this is a good start.  Knowing the sort of project helps you find the best mix of resources for your project, to manage your timeline and to set expectations.  It will also help you deal with 'doubting Thomases', who tell you that your project should take less time or more time or be done differently or use specific people, just because that is how another project was done.

If your project is feeling confusing, like an abandoned rubik cube, perhaps is it because the type of project is unclear. rubikcube2 sm 

Often the decision makers have thought about:

  • Pricing - fixed price or Time and materials?
  • Resourcing – in house or external; onshore or offshore?
  • Methodology - Waterfall or Agile or Surestep?
  • Cloud or on premise?
  • Tender or not?

but not given much consideration to the overall project type. However this is hardly surprising as this is rarely spoken about, especially by vendors.  Although the project type is not hard and fast, knowing the type helps enormously in planning.  

The type of project that suits you will vary depending your current situation - do you have some Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployed, or is this your first steps on this journey?  Do you already have licences?  Are you totally responsible for the project in its current state, or have many (or all?) of the people involved in the project previously moved away?  How much expertise do you have in your organisation now, both technical and user?  Can you access current design documentation?

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Why 14% of CEOs want to junk their CRM and start all over again

According to Gartner, 63% of CRM implementation projects fail to deliver on their investment.

crm project failure

Many organisations report CRM systems need to be re-implemented three times or more just to get it right!


14% of Managing Directors want to junk their CRM platform and start over! From our experience rescuing implementations and projects, we’re surprised it’s not higher.

Why do so many businesses implement CRM so badly?

We’ve identified 6 key reasons why CRM projects fail. We see these again and again.

So what are these six reasons?

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Cornerstone cr


Training is the cornerstone of a successful CRM project

CRM projects, be they based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 or other technologies, are not easy.  The biggest challenge is not the technology but the change management.

And the secret to this change management is effective training.  Many people in your organisation will be asked to do new activities during your CRM project.  They can can only be successful with these, if they receive effective training. Effective training is training that brings about a change in behaviour - not just an accumulation of more facts.  A change in behaviour will not be achieved if the training is rushed, if the training is not highly practical and interactive or if the training is not relevant to the roles of the people involved.  I talk more about failure rates here .

For most people responsible for delivering a project such as CRM, there will two measures of success. Firstly that the solution delivered, delivers on the goals set out for it, and secondly that the users use it, and use it in the way that was intended so that the automation and reporting works as expected.

Typically, the goals of a CRM project will be based on the following:

  • Increases in sales, or better still, profits
  • Improved visibility of information across the organisation
  • More coherent processes flowing across different teamsSuccessfulCRMincreasesales
  • Easier reporting, especially reporting which combines data from multiple parts of the organisation
  • Improved interaction with customers
  • A better customer experience when customers are dealing with the organisation
  • Reduced data entry of customer data – data is entered once and flows from its point of entry to everywhere that it is needed.

Any true CRM technology can deliver on all of these goals. But to achieve them requires many things:

  • The solution must be designed to take maximum advantage of functionality of the selected technology
  • People designing the solution should consider multiple possible solutions before making their final decision about how to implement each feature
  • The ownership of the project should not be outsourced – formally or informally – from the organisation
  • The people involved in the testing must know about the functionality of the technology and about the processes being delivered as without both of these the testing will be inadequate
  • Everyone involved in the project should receive the necessary training

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Taming the Beast of CRM Data - presented at CRM Saturday on 12th August 2017

Gill Walker was part of an outstanding line up of speakers speaking at CRM Saturday in Sydney on 12th August 2017.  The speakers all showed various ways that you can get more from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project.

Gill's presentation was about various ways that you can get more - more value, more use, more benefit from your CRM data.

Taming Title cropped

Gill is available to deliver this presentation to other groups interested in learning more about the key techniques to ensure that all that data that is captured by the users is put to maximum use.

If you would like to download the slide and commentary book from this presentation, click on the button below.

Download teal

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Choosing a CRM Partner with Confidence


You’ve decided on your technical solution.  Now you want to choose a CRM partner to help you make it happen.  This decision is at least as important (if not more so) than the technology decision.

There are few really bad CRM technologies out there, but there are some ‘CRM experts’ who can make the technology really bad - they create the nightmare from your dream business solution!

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