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Introduction to licencing of Microsoft CRM Online and Microsoft CRM On-premise 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is still one of the few true CRM technologies that is available both on premise and in public cloud – CRM Online.  It can also be provided in a private cloud by hosting partners or if you already use a data centre.

The functionality of the two versions: - Online and On-Premise is very similar.  The differences are in the licencing options and a few technical differences caused by how it is hosted.

Contrary to how it sounds, the on-premise version can also be hosted in a data centre, i.e. it can be private cloud.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also run in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  Hosting partners, including Opsis offer Microsoft CRM as a public cloud offering and / or as Private Cloud. 

That you do not have to purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, because you need, or prefer, your Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud, still causes confusion to some of our prospects.

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How the Elephant and the HiPPO will ruin your project – if you let them

say "no thank you" to the elephant and the hippo - they are not welcome

Many people will know that the elephant and the hippo are both pachyderms – large animals with thick skins. Both will cause chaos if you let them get out of control.
This article is not about animals, but about derailers that can destroy your project – the HiPPO and the Elephant. The elephant and the HiPPO are capable of working together, using their weight, to wreck your project.

The HiPPO is the highest paid person's opinion – masked as expertise. The elephant is the elephant in the room - the need for communication, understanding and training, throughout and all across the project. The risk to you is that the elephant forces you to follow the HiPPO, even when he is not acting in your best interests.

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How much is bad data costing you? – It could be $millions

reasons for data decay

Ways in which data decays


A recent survey by Experian Data Quality found that an average company is losing 12% of revenue because of bad data.  This comes from roughly a quarter of information in critical business systems believed to be inaccurate in many organisations.  This is costing companies in many ways including:

  • Bottom line
  • Reputation

In this article I outline the problems of bad data, and show you how you can reduce the effect on your business.

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Winning the Data Decay battle

From the moment you start collecting data, you will be fighting a battle against data decay.  The bigger the data gets, the more problems the business can encounter.  And successful CRM is all about having the right data available for the right people so that they can do their job quickly, easily, efficiently and effectively.

Data is always old.  birthday cakeThe question is how old and so how useable?

But how much manpower can you afford to put into maintaining this valuable asset?  This can sometimes seem like an Aegean Stables-like task.  But if you do not do it, you face a myriad of errors - from sending out many unnecessary and costly letters, to approaching a client with an incorrect offer because you are working from an old incorrect record. 

Would you like an easy way to remove all the duplicates from your CRM data with confidence that all the relevant information was being retained?

To help you solve this eternal problem, Opsis are please to announce that they have formed a partnership with DQ Global. DQ Global is a data perfection tool which runs inside your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and smoothes many of the data problems at source.  It then helps you manage the data in an ongoing way.

For more information about how Opsis in partnership with DQ Global can help you win your battle against data decay, please contact us on 02 8212 3480

DQ Global Perfect & Merge allows you to Identify, Perfect and Merge duplicate data in any Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity from an easy to use browser based environment.

Imagine: three companies all competing for the same opportunity. 

  • One has no data quality system.
  • Another has a data quality procedure but no supporting data quality technology.
  • The third has very high data quality through procedure and supporting technology.

Imagine that a user in each of the three companies is entering the customer data and all three users input the data incorrectly.  What happens?

First company – nothing happens

There is no procedure or no software to catch and correct the error.  The salesperson then fails to communicate with the lead because of the incorrect data.  So this lead has no chance to evolve into a sale – opportunity lost

Second Company – manual process

They have a data quality procedure.  So they detect the incorrect data; but they waste precious time merging and correcting the data – opportunity costs more to convert.

Third Company – uses DQ Global Perfect and Merge

The third company which has DQ Global Perfect and Merge wastes neither time nor suffers the loss of business through incorrect data.  They have automatic procedures that correct the data and ensure that it is kept clean and unique. 

DQ Perfect & Merge overcomes the limitations of the integrated CRM record merge tool and duplicate detection functionality.   This means that sales people can get on with their job of making more money for the business using your accurate data.  The data is kept accurate in background, not by wasting your team's valuable time.

The key features of DQ Global Perfect & Merge are:

  • Faster duplicate processing
  • Better data completeness validity and accuracy
  • Real time data management
  • Drag and drop interface
  • False positives suppressed, so they no longer waste time
  • Automatic merging and reassigning
  • Identical records are merged automatically without intervention

DQ Global Duplicates

In the above example, we see three probable duplicate records.  The questionable data is highlighted in red; e.g.  Neil vs Neal, 3 different formats of the business phone, road and country both abbreviated and in full.

From here, a user can select the best data for each field and then merge records.

This means that the data is higher quality, with fewer records – duplicates can be removed with confidence.  In turn, this leads to reduced costs because the cost per opportunity will be reduced and there are fewer superfluous activities made.  Once the data is improved, user confidence in their data increases which leads to users being happier to rely on the data.

DQ Global Perfect & Merge gives you better user adoption, better data and so better business.

Advantages of DQ Perfect & Merge over Microsoft Dynamics CRM alone

  • DQ Perfect and Merge displays all duplicates side by side in a single view, which the Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot do
  • “Perfect” master record
  • Perfect matches are merged without the need for review
  • DQ Perfect and Merge gives you real time data management - Microsoft Dynamics CRM along requires a batch job
  • DQ Perfect and Merge gives you phone number and email address validation
  • DQ Perfect and Merge gives you abbreviation matching i.e.  Limited matched to LTD - Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot do this without additional programming
  • DQ Perfect and Merge gives you non-obvious matches using token matching i.e. Robert is matched to Bob, Bill is matched to William etc.

DQ Global will work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

For a complimentary review of your CRM data please contact us on 02 8212 3480 or via our website.

What’s coming in the next release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRM 2016

Microsoft has announced a major CRM update to be released at the end of the year. Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2016 will have a cornucopia of new and improved features to save you time and money.

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Is your CRM helping or hindering your sales?

title image 300x300

Most larger organisations, and many smaller organisations have a CRM (or perhaps more than one) of some description.  However, many of them are not delivering as expected.  Is your CRM one of the CRM solutions that is a real boon to your organisation or is it just a system that merely adds work and delivers little value?

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