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Is your CRM helping or hindering your sales?

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Most larger organisations, and many smaller organisations have a CRM (or perhaps more than one) of some description.  However, many of them are not delivering as expected.  Is your CRM one of the CRM solutions that is a real boon to your organisation or is it just a system that merely adds work and delivers little value?

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EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Addresses in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be extremely difficult to enter correctly, accurately and consistently.  And addresses are essential throughout CRM.  This wastes your users’ time and costs you money.  EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solves this problem, by using post office data – Australian and International.

EziAddress resolves this for as little as $130 per month for your whole organisation.

  •  EziAddress reduces the number of keystrokes to enter a standard address from an average of 40 to an average of 5.



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The seven frustrations of DIY CRM – a story


Imagine – in a recent sales meeting it was decided that your organisation really did need a CRM.  All of your competitors, colleagues and friends now seem to use CRM.  Some of them rave about how much easier it makes work, and a few grizzle about all the data entry.  But there will always be some people who complain.  You volunteered to take this project on – it cannot be that hard – after all it is only CRM – customers, addresses and some property  viewing appointments.

Your boss – the Sales Manager – was really pleased as he really felt that it was something that he did not want to do.  This was your chance to shine.  Promotion beckoned.

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Why CRM projects go south - Gill Walker's interview with Rashid Kotwal

Gill Walker says "I am too often distressed when I hear from people how they have taken been 'to hell and back again' by a CRM project". This is almost always because they missed one of the three key parts of the project:

  • Scoping
  • Solution Design
  • Training

In this interview with Rashid Kotwal, Gill Walker discusses those reasons, and how you can avoid the project failure caused by them. 


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