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Five ways that Microsoft CRM will help a sales manager excel

Five ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables a Sales Manager to excel – (and not a spreadsheet in sight)

Five ways in which the Business Intelligence built into Microsoft CRM will help a Sales Manager to support the sales team.

Most sales managers know the basics about their sales team and the selling process used in their organisation. They know which salespeople are their top, mid and bottom range performers; they know how long a deal takes to come to fruition, the length of the sales cycle, the dollar value of the average deal, and so on.

However,successful sales leadership demands a deeper awareness of what is going on within the sales organisation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many ways of helping a Sales Manager get real time Business Intelligence about what is happening within the sales team. In this ebook, I look at five ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you measure the achievement of your sales team across parameters other than top line sales value. Once you can measure something you can manage it. Until you can measure something you can only make vague changes.

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Customers for Life - how effective CRM enables you to create them (and keep them)

Customers for Life – wouldn't they be nice? Find them ,and they just keep on coming back and your business quietly continues and grows – no marketing required. This may sound like a dream, but it does not have to be.

Perhaps surprisingly, we all have the opportunity to create Customers for Life and for making those customers into advocates for you, so as well as not requiring marketing, you can almost do away with sales as these customers become your sales force – unpaid.< /p>

It costs about six or seven times (on average) as much to find a new customer than to keep an existing customer happy. When surveyed most people who have changed supplier state that the reason that they made the change is because they had been forgotten by the previous supplier, or they did not know who their previous supplier for the product or service in question was.

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The choice is not whether you implement CRM, but whether you implement CRM well 

We don’t have a choice about implementing CRM, the choice is how well we implement CRM

Making sense of the dizzying array of opinions over CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and strategies is no easy task for today’s business leaders. Additionally, the asymmetry of perceived success ensures that everyone has heard about failed projects that took years, cost $millions and still did not deliver what had been promised.

So decision makers and business leaders wanting to understand the options and to lead a successful project are faced with a massive challenge.

If you choose to ignore it, you are really consigning your organisation, and people, to delivering a labour intensive, and still probably poor, service to your clients, customers, members, parishioners, students etc.. After all good CRM will manage the process of looking after your customers or clients , bad CRM just gets in the way.

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Why do you need a CRM Administrator?

Once you have initially deployed CRM, your CRM journey has only just begun. Your CRM solution will grow and evolve as your business grows and evolves – as all successful businesses do.

A good CRM administrator may be the difference between CRM success and CRM failure. Helping this to happen is a key part of the role of your CRM Administrator.

Your CRM Administrator is more than a typical technical administrator of the software. Your CRM Administrator is your champion for the entire CRM solution as shown in the opening image. They do not need to be an internal person, but they do need to be dedicated to your business and to your CRM success. They must not be with only you today, while searching for their next opportunity.

Organisations who do not have that champion, that person who is looking for how your CRM can further help your business grow, tend to suffer in three main ways:

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Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

marketing wordle

Customer Relationship Management technologies are designed to give you a full view of how your clients interact with you, usually across your entire organization, from first contact. This should include the marketing activity that often is responsible for first finding the prospect and also for much of the ongoing nurturing both before the initial sale and during the entire lifecycle of the customer.

Marketing functionality in core Microsoft CRM 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes some great marketing functionality in the core product, including:

  • Marketing lists – static and dynamic
  • Quick Campaigns – great for a single communication to a marketing list
  • Campaigns
  • Mail Merge correspondence

For a guided walkthrough of how to use campaigns and marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please go to our GuideMeGuru – module four covers marketing.

However many organizations find this functionality inadequate for their needs. This article is a brief review of some of the options which work well with Microsoft Dynamics CRM which you may choose to extend the native functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The solution that best suits you will depend on your requirements.

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How to slash your (CRM) project costs - perhaps in half

Budget blowout has almost become the norm in IT projects. Why?

Cutting Costs

There are many ways that the costs for a project such as CRM grow to well beyond what is expected. Perhaps as many as 80% of CRM projects go over budget – why? [Although this article is about CRM, the content is true for many other types of projects.]

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