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CRM 2015 Spring Release is here

The Dynamics CRM 2015 Spring Release is now live!  All new CRM online environments will incorporate the release.  Timing for the on-premises CRM 2015 release is not yet provided.

Get the full guide to FEATURE and INTERFACE changes in this release!  Other online products including Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 and Parature have also been updated.

The update includes great integration with other software packages so your latest CRM data is always at your fingertips.

Some CRM 2015 Spring Release highlights

Here are some of the highlights which got our attention in this release and how they can be used effectively for your CRM:

  • Intuitive tracking of emails through Exchange: Tracking new opportunities coming through email is simple. Move incoming emails to a set folder in Exchange, then the Outlook App lifts CRM tasks and activities and places them within your email. Track the email conversation, and save contact information in CRM.
  • Integration with OneNote: This allows note-taking to be synchronised within Dynamics CRM. Keep critical client information within the account file, and attach rich media content such as voice recordings, videos, and photos.
  • New CRM for Phones app: Lets you nurture leads and opportunities on your mobile in the same way you can for tablets.
  • Social media activity integration: Your social media channels can now feed information directly into CRM. Create rules which update client data, or create leads or opportunities based on social media interactions.
  • Redesigned Export to Excel and Excel reporting interface: Export to Excel desktop (2007 or higher), Excel Online, or any other Excel client. Sales teams can even manipulate CRM data in a familiar Excel format and save changes, all within CRM.
  • Join work groups together with Office 365: Team members who don't have CRM can interact with CRM users via Office 365 groups. Schedule training sessions and seminars, share work documents, emails, OneNote files, and more.

Get 32 information-packed pages to help you get maximum benefit from this release

Top tips for a successful CRM upgrade

A CRM upgrade should be treated like any other project. That means it requires scoping, implementation, testing, training, and deployment. Here are our top tips for planning your successful CRM upgrade.

Will your CRM upgrade smoothly?

Is a CRM Upgrade right for you now?

Why are you considering a CRM upgrade?

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Using Microsoft CRM with Chrome

Since CRM 2011 update rollup 12, which was released in Australia in January 2013, Microsoft CRM has been cross browser compatible. This means that whichever browser – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox you choose to use, you should have been able to use Microsoft CRM using that browser.

However, the truth is that it is not that easy. For some time we have been aware of a number of minor irritations that only occurred when using other browsers, such as a running a report with a date parameter which in Chrome did not show the calendar control. But recently the problem has become much worse.

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Successful CRM - people, process and technology

In this 2014 discussion Gill Walker talks with Angela Vithoulkas and John Hagerty about the three pillars of a successful CRM project - people, process and technology.

Implementing New Software
Ask these three big questions before you do

Many people are disappointed, upset, or downright distraught, when a software or technology project costs more than they had anticipated, or been led to believe.  Occasionally, rather than being the saviour of the business the project becomes the death knell – this is especially true for smaller businesses which have often pushed out the boat for the solution, which they have been told is essential for the business.  And for family businesses, where the failure has the additional factor caused by the personal relationships involved, it can be much worse.  

Family Business Magasine coverHowever, many of these projects do deliver huge benefits to the organisation.  So I thought that I would outline the components of any project so you understand what is involved and your project can be one of the success stories. 

If you are looking at more than one solution, it is essential that you compare apples with apples.  One way of doing this is to draw up a matrix of key considerations and get each vendor to give you the appropriate information.  Any vendor that will not assist with this exercise may be hiding something.  In the rest of this article, I will give you some pointers to assist with this comparison.

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Gill Walker speaks at City Business Swap

In this presentation to City Business Swap, Gill Walker gives a rollercoaster overview of how business relationships have changed over the last century or so. Gill highlights how a CRM solution can enable a modern business, run by technology, remote from its clients, to deliver the quality of relationship that clients crave.

The lighting in the room was poor, so, the video above is edited.

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