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Users do not (want to) use your CRM - why, and what you can do about it?

Solving the user adoption problem with CRM - before it happens

Up to 85% of CRM projects are deemed to have failed, and when we drill into the reasons for the perceived failure, it is often one of three reasons:

  • Users do not use the solution
  • Users are still following complex, time consuming processing to get to the data and reports that they need
  • The reports do not give the complete information – which is often because the users are not using the solution.

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So why is there this failure in user adoption?  Why don’t users use the system?

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When we drill into the reasons that users are not using the CRM solution, we find three common reasons:

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Three pre-technology steps to ensure your CRM success

Many – perhaps as many as 80% - of CRM projects are said to have failed. I have written about various aspects of this previously.

A CRM project should not be seen as an IT project. Yes, technology is important, but it is important in the same way that the engine is important to a car.  Without it, the car is not going anywhere, but a lot more as well as the engine is required to make it go anywhere.

Here, I will look at three steps that you, as project sponsor, business owner or manager, who wants a successful CRM project can do before technology becomes important and before IT people should be involved.  These three steps are:

  1. Education
  2. Understand your existing data
  3. Know what you need CRM to deliver

Three pre-technology steps to ensure your CRM success

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Seven essential questions to start your CRM journey on the right foot

Understanding that CRM is a serious undertaking that will deliver huge benefits, but is not without significant effort, is key to your CRM journey success.  However, although CRM is simple, it is not easy.  What do you need to know to start your CRM journey on the right foot?  This is where working with people who have a broad experience prior to your project, will pay huge dividends. 

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need to know

This ebook is a CRM Primer for all, which simplifies many of the questions so you can make the right decisions.

After all, you do not know what you do not know – as this blog article shows .

So how do you work out which kind of CRM solution is right for your growing business?  What are the seven key questions you need to consider? 

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What’s new in  Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 CE July 2017 update - ebook

Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 9 is coming. Although it is officially a minor release, it brings new functionality and a number of deprecations that should be planned for, if they are not to take your users by surprise.

This e-book is a consolidated resource explaining how to overcome the challenges of the deprecated features and benefit from the new functionality.  It is heavily illustrated with screenshots so you can see what it will look like.

New deployments - trials and production - for the last few months have been v9.

Since this article and ebook was written - late 2017 - Microsoft have released another release for Dynamics 365.  This 9.2 release is described in this blog articleNew features and deprecated features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9

Download "What's new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9" pdf

As of late December 2017, updates to existing users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online are expected to happen between February and August 2018. Clients who have not upgraded from 8.0 or 8.1 to 8.2 will have a mandatory update to v9.0.

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What is a CRM Solution?

Frequent readers will be aware that I refer repeatedly to a CRM solution. I thought that it would useful to define the term ‘CRM solution’ and to show how it differs from a ‘CRM system’ or a specific technology. A CRM solution transcends the technology, i.e. it is more than the technology. A CRM solution is the way that you work to meet your clients’ needs. It is everything that your people do to resolve your clients’ needs.  A CRM technology is only as good as its implementation, and for first-time CRM projects, there are many potential pitfalls along the way.  To understand some of the questions that you should get answered before embarking on your CRM project, read 'Seven essential questions to start your CRM journey on the right foot'.

The components of a CRM Solution


Although every organisation will have a CRM system, relatively few organisations have a CRM solution. Statistics such as 14% of CEOs would like to junk their CRM and start all over again really highlight this.

So what is the difference between a CRM system and a CRM solution?

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Relationships - then and now

Gill Walker in conversation.


In this conversation from 2012, Gill shows how a CRM solution can enable your users to give your clients the relationships that they crave.  This enables improved customer service and hence improved customer retention. 

The changing role in technology is contrasted against the unchanging need to have relationships with our clients and suppliers, and in the modern world, technology can help give back what superficially it has taken away.

Published by Gill Walker

Who is Gill Walker?

Gill Walker is many things:

  • She is an author who loves spreading knowledge of CRM and specifically Microsoft Dynamics 365 via articles such as this;
  • She is an expert consultant who has been helping her clients with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and previously Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft CRM) challenges since 2002;
  • She is a professional trainer who shares her wide knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with her training delegates – so they can implement and manage their Microsoft Dynamics 365 more easily and effectively;
  • She is a speaker who shares her knowledge of varied CRM topics with her audiences;
  • She is a troubleshooter – who helps organisations with their sticky problems.

Please feel free to contact her via linked in (https://www.linkedin.com/in/crmconsultant/) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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