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The marketing solutions that I will mention here all readily share information with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There are dozens of other marketing solutions which may suit you and you could probably get them to share their information with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Here, I am looking at:

  • PowerMailChimp – a Mailchimp interface
  • ClickDimensions
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing


Many CRM users use MailChimp for their email marketing either before starting their Microsoft Dynamics CRM project or as well as it. Once the power of CRM starts to help them, it is common to want to see emails sent via MailChimp in the same views as other communications with prospects and clients.

Enter PowerMailChimp. PowerMailChimp connects the robust and affordable email platform, MailChimp, with Dynamics CRM. PowerMailChimp allows you use static or dynamic CRM marketing lists to send out bulk emails from CRM through MailChimp mail engine and track vital statistics back to CRM, including sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes. For more information, please go to http://www.powerobjects.com/powerpacks/powermailchimp/ or contact us.


ClickDimensions is a complete marketing automation platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions works hand in glove with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, both CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premise.

The two solutions are so tightly coupled that ClickDimensions features are accessed through the CRM interface and all your client and prospect as well as the data used by ClickDimensions is stored in your CRM database. Users will be unaware of when they are using ClickDimensions and when they are using just Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

However, ClickDimensions rises well above Microsoft Dynamics CRM alone in the marketing stakes.  ClickDimensions is an easy to use extension to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and includes:

  • Email Marketing using HTML emails – created using code, or a simple drag and drop editor
  • Campaign Automation including Nurture Programs
  • Webforms and Landing Pages
  • Surveys
  • WebAnalytics and Web Intelligence
  • Social Discovery – the ability to find out more about your prospects from their social media

For more information about how your business could benefit from the Marketing Automation that ClickDimensions brings to Microsoft Dynamics CRM please contact us. Opsis are a certified ClickDimensions partner.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is not the marketing part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but is another member of the Dynamics family. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing grew out of Microsoft's purchase of Marketing Pilot. It is an end-to-end, cloud-based marketing automation suite offered as part of the Microsoft Dynamics product line.  It has a broad range of features, mainly targeted at enterprise organisations or businesses which provide marketing services to their clients, including:

  • Brand Management
  • Social Marketing
  • Digital Behaviour Analysis
  • Closed Loop ROI
  • Budget Management
  • Media Planning
  • Marketing Resource Planning
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Multichannel Campaign Management

Unlike ClickDimensions, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is still a standalone product that can integrate (via a connector) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has much of the look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but there are some areas where the linking of the two products feels as though it is not quite there.  Although it works with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing itself is only available online.

Costing comparison

  Costing model Price (in US$)
All CRM users must be licensed $2 per user per month
One fee organisation wide, with additional payments for extra emails
$550 per month for any number of users and up to 180,000 emails per year
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
Per user per month for marketing users
$125 per user per month

High level functionality comparison

  MailChimp ClickDimensions Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
Marketing Automation No Yes Yes
Web analytics No Yes Yes
Creates independent data store Yes No Yes
Works independently of Microsoft CRM Yes No Yes

So which Marketing solution is for you?

If you are a smaller business, or your marketing needs are fairly simple, then Microsoft Dynamics CRM, perhaps with PowerMailChimp, will probably meet your needs.  If you grow, you can move to one of the other options later.

For most businesses, which require Marketing Automation and / or web analytics, I would advise ClickDimensions.  It's ease of use and continuation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM way of working, will almost certainly meet your needs.

If you are a marketing agency providing marketing services to your clients, or you are an enterprise size business, with a marketing team then take a serious look at Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

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