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Easy Server Based Email Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the biggest reasons for CRM project failure is poor user acceptance. User acceptance is often below 50%. Why?

  • Mind-numbing data entry.
  • Slow performance.
  • Lack of compatibility with preferred e-mail.

frustrating comp problems

So how can we deliver all of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM without the challenges to user adoption which threaten the entire project?, - create a smooth interface between your mail server and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Opsis are pleased to announce that this smooth interface between your mail server and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is here!

Opsis are now partners with Riva.

Riva provides a level of email integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is superior to any out of the box functionality Riva makes significant strides in alleviating the problems mentioned above.

Riva decreases manual data entry significantly. It creates records and fills information automatically or at least with only a handful of clicks. When you receive an email Riva will do the work for you.

Riva is very light weight - it works on many devices and does not reduce performance. Compared to using the outlook client, It can noticeable reduce email tagging time

Another huge advantage of Riva compared to the Outlook Client is its compatibility with other email providers. As the name suggest, Outlook Client is only compatible with, well, Outlook. Riva however will allow Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with multiple email providers including Gmail, Apple Mail, Novell GroupWise, IBM verse, IBM notes and several others. This flexibility in email providers definitely makes a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment much more welcoming.

riva table

Finally ease of deployment.

Riva does not need to be installed on each users’ machine like the Outlook Client. Once installed all users immediately see the benefit.

How does Riva achieve this?

You want Cases? Opportunities? Then you just drag the email into the appropriate folder and Viola! Records are created, all the data that can be captured is captured. Pretty neat, right?

Riva is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Without Riva, the Outlook Client works. It tracks your CRM records, it allows you to associate emails with all Microsoft Dynamics CRM records. Where it falls short is easy to use data capture and record creation. Low performance overhead, compatibility with non-outlook email systems and easy implementation.

Riva comes to the rescue. Using Microsoft CRM Dynamics with Riva Email Integration can truly boost your user adoption of CRM as well as saving them countless hours of data entry and frustration.

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