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Why EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

EziAddress - Address input for Microsoft Dynamics CRM made easy

EziAddress will save you money AND improve the accuracy of your addresses.  How?

Addresses in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be extremely difficult to enter correctly, accurately and consistently.  And addresses are essential throughout CRM.  

Addresses are used for locations of customers, to find where a service request needs to be done, a delivery made, where is meeting is located or to visit a client.  Not having this address information correct wastes your users’ time and costs you money. EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solves this problem, by checking the entered address against Post Office data – Australian and International.  This information is then saved in the standard Microsoft CRM address fields.

  • EziAddress reduces the number of keystrokes to enter a standard address into any of the address forms in Microsoft CRM from an average of 40 to an average of 5.

EziAddress making address entry to an account in Microsoft CRM very easy - and accurate

  • If you have 20 users entering 3 addresses each per hour this works out as a keystroke saving of 14,000 per day.
  • Assuming an hourly cost of $50 per hour per person this works out to be a yearly saving of $3300.
  • A reasonable estimate of mail return to sender for a typical business is 1%, i.e. if you do a mail out of 10,000 letters you can expect to get 100 back due to incorrect addressing.
  • If 10% of a mailed campaign typically purchase, you will lose 10 possible purchases per campaign.
  • If your average purchases price is $50 dollars and you do 4 mail outs per year that is a loss of $2000.

Total potential saving using EziAddress is $5000 per year.

For full information about how EziAddress will solve your address data problems in Microsoft Dynamics CRM please click here

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