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CRM Training on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Training is one of the items that separate a successful CRM project from an unsuccessful CRM project.  

Opsis is Sydney's only dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and Dynamics CRM) Training provider.  Additionally, when you arrange your training through Opsis, your trainer will be a CRM consultant who has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of CRM implementation projects.  Our training material reflects this.  At Opsis we develop our own training materials, which focus on the reasons for using specific functionality or techniques - the 'why' as well as the 'how'.  While our training will undoubtedly help you towards CRM exams, our material is not written just to get you through certifications.  It is written to help you in the real world of using and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Opsis training will challenge your thinking as well as building your CRM skills

Over the past decade, Opsis has provided CRM training to over one hundred organisations, mainly up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

CRM Training   right 

Training belongs throughout your CRM project. The correct CRM training ensures that you get the best design for your project, so the resulting CRM does support your users as they are doing their jobs, rather than becoming an overhead, and then, once you are live with the solution, that your users are confident to use the new solution.

Because at Opsis, we specialise in maximising your application of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Microsoft CRM Online and Microsoft CRM on-premise - YOU do get the most of your CRM and can create your independence, your ability to manage your most, if not all of your CRM yourselves.

Our training is NOT for those who want to take home a manual that just collects dust or want to do a course then never use the information again.

When you participate in an Opsis CRM course, you leave with practical and specific techniques that ARE functional in the business world and are relevant to everyday practices.

There are three different types of training that can be included in CRM implementation projects:

As well as these, there is top up training, which can allow users to extend their skills; or can bring new users up to speed.  This works especially well as social learning - lunch'n'learn, breakfasts or with a cheese and wine in the late afternoon.

If you would like your end users to receive training from one of your team, and want to ensure that these people are confident to train users of all types, we can offer you our Train the CRM Trainer service.

To find out more about the CRM training that we can provide, and how it will add value to your CRM project, click on the relevant buttons below.

Each type of CRM training has its place in a CRM project.

All Opsis courses are applicable to Microsoft CRM / Dynamics 365 Online and Microsoft CRM on-premise.

Opsis offer a range of CRM courses to meet your training needs at every stage of your implementation and afterwards.  We offer both scheduled training courses, open to everyone, and private training courses, usually run at your location and only open to your people.

Subject Matter Expert CRM Training

Subject Matter Expert Training  Subject matter expert training should form part of the scoping of your CRM project.  This training covers the standard functionality that your technology provides and helps your SMEs (the people who really know how your business operates and therefore what your CRM solution should deliver by way of supporting your service of customers and the reports to enable you to run the business better) work with your technical implementers to get the 'best bang for your buck' from the solution design.  By understanding the functionality that your selected technology delivers before any changes (customisation or configuration) are done, you can select the functionality that you require for your business processes logically and wisely.  You can choose the low hanging fruit, so you can deliver value to your users far more rapidly.  The investment (both money and time) made into this training will be repaid many time over by your resulting more effective project.  SME training 

Technical CRM Training

Technical CRM Training CRM technologies can be described as taking a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.  All true CRM technologies are large solutions and comprise many different ways to configure, customise and manage them.  Any requirement can usually be solved in multiple ways - some are better than others.  Ensuring that the people doing your implementation have the breadth of knowledge to evaluate the range of possible solutions and select and then implement the best solution, requires that your technical team members have a broad range of technical knowledge.  Without this you run this risk of every problem 'turning into the nail because you have a hammer'.  In other words, all problems being solved using a small range of the options available because the other solutions were not known about. Technical CRM Training

End-user Training

End User CRM Training End user CRM training is your passport to user adoption.  Lack of user adoption is one of the biggest causes of purported CRM project failure.  Yet the end user training is so often overlooked, forgotten, or cancelled.  End user CRM training should focus on the tasks that your users do, or will do,  using CRM, so they see how CRM will support them in their role going forward.  End users should not be asked to make the leap from the training to the real world - their training should be immediately applicable to their world.  Users who are able to use your CRM confidently, because they see how it will make their job easier and so feel positive about it, will readily adopt the solution.  This will give you your return on investment for your CRM project. End User CRM Training

Train the CRM Trainer

Train the CRM Trainer 

Train the CRM trainer is a great option for larger organisations who want to train a larger number of users in the use of new or improved CRM functionality.  When you use Opsis' Train the CRM trainer service, one of our experienced trainers works with your selected trainers, typically your power users, and shows them how to pass on their knowledge about using CRM to your users. 

Your trainers will be prepared to deliver classroom training, not just 'sitting with Nellie' style training.  They will be shown how teach their participants not just the 'how' of using your CRM, but the 'why'.  Your trainers will learn about the different styles of adult learning, how to  identify those styles and how to ensure that all styles can learn in a mixed group.

Train the CRM trainer 

Scheduled CRM Training

CRM Training Schedule  Opsis run a range of CRM training courses for both subject matter experts and for more technical people, at a central location in Sydney.  Scheduled training is great when you have only a couple of people who need a course at any time. These dates are shown on our training schedule. upcoming dates 


Custom CRM Training

Custom CRM Training  If the dates or locations of our scheduled training courses do not suit your team, then we can run most of these courses at your location.  Custom training gives you more flexibility and is both convenient and good value if you have four or more people for any course.  We are very happy to travel to locations outside of Sydney to bring our training to you.  We deliver training in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and further afield when required. Custom CRM Training 




End User CRM Training    
Technical CRM Training Subject Matter Expert Training  
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Training your users

Training is a vital part of your CRM project - so you need to get it right.  It might even be the key part of your user adoption and hence project success.

Opsis end-user training is tailored to your CRM, your processes, your data and your needs. Opsis CRM end-user training shows your people how to fulfil their roles using your CRM.  So the learning transfers directly into your workplace.

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We also offer public courses for technical and business specialists.

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Dynamics 365 CRM training - Sydney

Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 4th Sept

Introduction to Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 7th Sept

Introduction to Business Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 11th Sept

Troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 18th Sept

Introduction to Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 25th Sept

Administration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 1st October

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Opsis also offer training on your site and a range of other Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM training.

Opsis is an expert CRM consulting company. We are not an IT company, nor a management consultancy, although we often work with both of these.  Our focus is wholly CRM, and particularly Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We are based in Sydney, NSW, with clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.  Our range of CRM services include CRM strategy, CRM scoping, CRM implementation, technical  support and CRM training.