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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics 365

BI beanie   d365 right lgeMicrosoft Dynamics 365 has powerful functionality to search, visualise and structure your data into meaningful information.  Many people fail to take advantage of this.

There is little point in investing time and effort in making Microsoft Dynamics 365 work for your users, then spending weeks getting them to use the solution that you have designed and provided to make their life easier, if you are not able to get the information out in ways that are meaningful for you and them.  This two day course (also available as two one day courses) will show you the plethora of ways that you can use or extract the information from your Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This course does not include coding and does not cover any of the myriad of third party solutions that can aid with Business Intelligence from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

At the end of this course, you have:

  • The ability to find records in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • An understanding of how to create simple reports
  • The skills to visualise your data using charts and dashboards
  • The ability to manage targets, goals and kpis within CRM
  • An understanding of the ways to create documents from CRM
  • The capacity to design more advanced reports using SSRS

Target Audience for Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • People wanting to improve the ability to manage their business using information from within CRM
  • Business decision makers who want to understand the potential of Business Intelligence using Microsoft CRM

Course prerequisites for Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics 365

A general understanding of the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and some knowledge of the data structure in CRM. 

Course length

Two days, or one day for each part.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 training schedule from Opsis

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