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Configuration of CRM

Configuration of CRM

Making CRM fit your business processes is essential for user adoption.  So, configuration is part of almost all CRM projects.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly configurable technology – however, there are good ways, and less good ways, of solving any particular business challenge. Knowing the range of possible options, and being able to decide which is the best for any given situation, taking into consideration your range of users and the reason for the change, will help to ensure that your CRM maintains user adoption.

This three day hands-on course is for people who want to understand how to make changes to CRM so it better suits their business processes.  This course will show you the options available to you and show you why each is appropriate (or not) as well as how to use them.  This course does not cover coding.

This course is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and CRM 2016, Dynamics 365 Online and on-premise, although it will also be useful for people using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

At the end of this course, you have:

  • An understanding of how to manage the configuration of CRM
  • The ability to create and manage the security of CRM
  • The skills to give different users access to different data and functions
  • An understanding of the various techniques for making CRM match your business processes
  • The skills to visualise your CRM data on dashboards and charts

Target Audience for Configuration of CRM

  • People wanting to understand how they can configure Microsoft CRM
  • Technical Implementers who need understand how to make changes to Microsoft CRM

Course length

Three days

Course Overview

This course covers the skills required to configure your instance of CRM. It provides the knowledge to understand which of the configuration options is the best for a particular requirement and why each should be used.

Understanding Business Units

Accessing the CRM Online Portal

Office 365 users for Dynamics 365

Understanding Security Roles

Creating a Security Role

Understanding Teams

Introduction to the default data model

Solutions in Dynamics 365

Adding entities to a solution

Entities in Dynamics 365

Creating custom entities

Different types of Entities in CRM

Creating a user owned non-activity custom entity

Creating an organisation owned non-activity custom entity

Creating an activity custom entity

Looking at Primary Fields

Renaming an existing entity

Fields on Dynamics 365

Creating Fields

Different types of fields in CRM

Option sets

Creating new fields

Status and Status Reason fields

Renaming Fields

Deleting fields

Relationships between Entities

Looking at existing relationships

Understanding Relationship Behaviour

Creating a One to Many relationship


Becoming familiar with views

Configuring the columns that appear in a view

Including data from parent entities in a view

Working with Forms

Anatomy of a form

Adding a fields of various types to a form

Modifying the form layout

Using subgrids on a form

Configuring a Social Pane

Changing the form header

Business Rules

Field security

Introduction to Charts and Dashboards

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