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The cost of not having a CRM solution


What is the cost of NOT having a CRM solution?

Here is a short video to highlight what you get when you do not have a CRM solution.  It is important to note that this refers to a CRM solution, not a CRM technology.  It is very possible to have a CRM technology, to have spent a large amount of money on that CRM technology but still not have a CRM solution.

Let me explain.  A CRM solution is a way of working, not a technology.  Yes, the technology is important, but so are a wide range of othe components which enable that technology to deliver to your business.  Without these other essential pieces of the puzzle, the technology becomes a waste of time and money.  In fact, the technology choice is less important than many of these other pieces.

Too many organisations see CRM as technology, so hand the project in its very early stages to IT.  Unless the IT department has the right people with the right skills, and the right people get to own this project - which is rare, but not impossible - this is doomed to failure.

A CRM project has to seen as cross functional.  To be successful, it needs to be able to get the time and focus or people who can envisage how the business should work to take advantage of the new technology.

This is one of the ways that I see Microsoft's move to rebranding Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 a positive move.  To me, this move highlights that the technology does not deliver a CRM solution, but is a part, albeit an important part, of the complete CRM solution.

To achieve success with Dynamics 365, as with any other CRM technology, an organisation must ensure that the change management including the training, is front and centre of the project.  To achieve this, within the team there must be one person (at least) who knows both the business, and its future direction, and the functionality delivered by the selected technology before any changes are made.

 At Opsis we have seen the advantages of ensuring that some key users understand the functionality of the technology before any configuration or customisation is done - or even considered.  We strongly advocate that this is the approach taken.  Our subject matter expert courses are what we recommend.  Training

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