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The choice of technology is not the most important aspect of your CRM project

In this video you will see why you should invest effort in the early part of your project on ensuring that scoping, testing and training all get plenty of consideration - more than the technology selection.

If you have decided to use a third party company to do the project for you, it is essential to confirm that these aspects of the project are included in the budget.  I have heard too many stories where training in particular, was not included, but budget was spent on software demonstrations.

One of the challenges with training is that most of it is required towards the end of the project, so the budget allocated for it can easily be absorbed by other earlier components, if it was not ringfenced early on.

The end user training is absolutely essential if your users are going to use the solution.  The end user training must be done just before your go live, it must be based on your processes and using your data.  This means that your end user training must be dedicated to your project -m no-one can provide end user training as a standard product.

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