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The three keys to a successful CRM leadership team


It can feel somewhat daunting to be investing in a CRM solution in 2018.

Even though you probably realise that the project is essential, a few seconds googling will show you that the failure rate of these projects can be as high as 80% and that the cost of these failures can run into thousands or millions of dollars.  For people doing this for the first time, or without previous successes under their belt, this is hugely challenging.

This article covers information that will ease the process and reduce the stress - especially if you are a CRM project sponsor or responsible for the project budget.  I will take you through how to make sure that you are setting up a project team that ensures your investment stands the best chance of paying off.

The leadership of your CRM project – whether that is a Dynamics 365 project or otherwise - will make or break the success of the project.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 - available for all platforms

On premise, partner hosted and Online

v9 onprem announcement

Microsoft have adopted a release cycle where new functionality is released to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online platform first, often a year or more ahead of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 on prem platform. Microsoft Dynamics v9 was scheduled for release for on prem in October 2018.

Last week, Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 was released for the on prem platform. The on prem software is for you if you want any platform other than the Microsoft hosted Online version – it is not restricted to servers between your four walls. The on prem software is for cloud - other than online as well.

For those of you who are hosted on OzCloud – the easy cloud solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – we will be talking to you soon about whether upgrading makes sense for your business, and if so, when we should start this project.

New functionality now available for on prem

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The top four ways that dynamics 365 training saves you money

The top four ways that Dynamics 365 training will save you money

Education is a key part of what Opsis recommend for every project. We believe that training so improves the return that you will get from your project that it is worth every cent (and more) that you spend on it. In other words, training is cheaper than not training.

Opsis is one of the only Australian Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementers to provide training which is delivered by a seasoned consultant. Our principal trainer, who also writes our material, - Gill Walker - has sixteen years’ experience working with Microsoft CRM, then Microsoft Dynamics CRM and for the last couple of years she has been working with Microsoft Dynamics 365. During this time, she has seen the good the bad and the ugly of project implementations.  Sometimes our competitors recommend that their clients come to us for Dynamics 365 training because they cannot provide it.

There are many ways that training will save you money – here are our top four ways:

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Converting an option set to a multi select option set – trials and tribulations

converting a single value option set to a multiselect option set

Multiselect options sets are one of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9. I am now often getting requests to ‘convert’ existing options sets to the new multiselect options sets.

Strictly speaking, it is impossible to convert an old-style, single selection option set to a multi select option set. However, although not straightforward, it is possible to achieve this.

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Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

a review of marketing automation and your options when using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Relationship Management solutions should give you a full view of how your clients interact with you, usually across your entire organization, from first contact.  This should include the marketing activity that often is responsible for first finding the prospect, and also for much of the ongoing nurturing both before the initial sale and during the entire lifecycle of the customer.  Marketing automation makes that so much easier.  This ebook gives you and overview of the main options for marketing automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - including Dynamics 365 for Marketing, ClickDimensions, PowerObjects Power Pack, Adobe Marketing Cloud and HubSpot.

Marketing automation software indicates to you when a prospect’s timing is changing to your advantage.

This ebook is for you – if you are using, or thinking of using, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want more from your marketing! It explains marketing automation and distils the options for you.

Click on the button to the right to download your free copy.

Marketing ebook cr 

What Is Marketing Automation?

  • Is it email marketing? 
  • Is it inbound marketing?
  • Is it something else?
  • Is it all of that?
  • What does it mean to YOU as a marketer of high value products? 

Marketing Automation and CRM - at face value, they seem to be the same thing, and they are often confused. In fact, they serve two distinct purposes. Marketing Automation lets you follow a prospect’s top-of-funnel activities. CRM typically takes over once the person has become at least a prospect. CRM stores information including how long a contact has been a customer, past purchase records, the dates and notes of any phone conversations you’ve had with them – anywhere in the organisation. Marketing automation software helps you build a relationship with people that are not yet ready to buy from you.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 training courses in Sydney - open to all

sept nov 700x400

Opsis is proud to offer a wide range of public training courses in addition to our onsite bespoke training, end user training and Train the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer courses.

We have updated all of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 training materials to reflect the latest release - v9.  (Earlier versions are also available.)

If you would like to discuss your Microsoft Dynamics 365 training options
with an experienced training consultant, click on the Contact me button 
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