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Using Microsoft CRM with Chrome

Since CRM 2011 update rollup 12, which was released in Australia in January 2013, Microsoft CRM has been cross browser compatible. This means that whichever browser – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox you choose to use, you should have been able to use Microsoft CRM using that browser.

However, the truth is that it is not that easy. For some time we have been aware of a number of minor irritations that only occurred when using other browsers, such as a running a report with a date parameter which in Chrome did not show the calendar control. But recently the problem has become much worse.

The underlying cause of the problem is that browsers are updated frequently and often the updates are applied silently. So a feature within Microsoft CRM that worked one day may stop completely or behave differently the next day. IT departments have known for years that before applying an update to a production system, the update should be tested on a non-prod system.

However, with the move to ‘The Cloud’ and the associated side stepping of IT departments, this is often not done as rigorously as is needed.

Using Microsoft CRM via Outlook also does not remove this problem. Outlook uses the default browser to render the pages within CRM. So if your default browser is Chrome, you may experience these problems in Outlook.

With Chrome v37, which was released in early September 2024 Google has removed a number of APIs from Chrome which is causing a lot of issues with both CRM 2011 and CRM 2013. These issues include:

  • No longer being able to add options to Option Set fields
  • Changes made to an email in a workflow are not saved when the save button is clicked
  • The ‘Upload’ button on the SharePoint list component no longer works
  • Anything using the ‘window.showModalDialog’ function no longer works as the API has been deprecated – this will include a number of custom dialogs in Microsoft CRM
  • You can no longer save field properties such as ‘Visible by default’
  • The Export to Excel function no longer works

The next release of Chrome, Chrome 38, was released in early October and it introduced a new problem. This problem is specifically when trying to use a look up. The lookup will either give an error or just fail to update the field. See http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/3008160 for more details about this problem.

The short term fix to these problems before Microsoft release a fix within Microsoft CRM, is either to switch to another browser, or to roll back your browser to an earlier version.
Microsoft are constantly working on fixes to resolve the problems encountered in the various browsers. But this will, by its nature, be catch up. So, the only way to avoid these problems plaguing your CRM is to control how your users’ computers are updated and to ensure that this is managed in conjunction with your IT department or your CRM provider. And when a user reports an odd ball problem, one of the first troubleshooting tasks should be to reproduce the problem using another browser.


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