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Challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 update and Microsoft Edge browser

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This morning I had a call from a client who had deployed the latest, v9.02, update over the weekend. His challenge was that some of his team could no longer open cases using the Outlook client or the browser. They could view lists, but attempting to open a case to update it or add notes was impossible – loading business logic just gave the 'circle of endless delay'.

As always, a problem affecting some users can be difficult to resolve. However, it soon became obvious that those people affected by the problem all use Microsoft Edge.
Once these users had moved their default browser to a browser other than Microsoft Edge and cleared their cache in Microsoft Edge the problem was resolved. It is essential to clear the cache, not to just change the default browser.

Browser issues are relatively common with applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 – and can arise very unexpectedly – caused either by an upgrade in Microsoft Dynamics 365, or by an upgrade to the browser. Previously I wrote about an issue with Chrome 37. When you are faced with a problem that affects some by not all of users, it is essential to work out what the people affected have in common. This is one of the skills taught in our Troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics 365 course.

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