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EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Addresses in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be extremely difficult to enter correctly, accurately and consistently.  And addresses are essential throughout CRM.  This wastes your users’ time and costs you money.  EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solves this problem, by using post office data – Australian and International.

EziAddress resolves this for as little as $130 per month for your whole organisation.

  •  EziAddress reduces the number of keystrokes to enter a standard address from an average of 40 to an average of 5.

eziaddress cr


What does EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM do?

EziAddress means that your addresses – be they Australian or International - are entered in a single a line.

EziAddress - easy address entry for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

EziAddress then enables the user to select the correct address from a list – which comes from post office data lists.  These lists are maintained by our data sources, so are kept up to date.


Once the user has selected the address this is then put into the correct CRM fields.

eziaddress cr

Microsoft Dynamics CRM only usually provides visibility to a single address per account.   For many businesses it is necessary to store more than one address such as the postal and the location address.

EziAddress for Microsoft CRM enable you to see two addresses and to copy the location address to the postal address – when this is appropriate.


EziAddress can also correct an address for you. For example mis-spellings can be corrected.

eziaddress cr

Here we have an account with an incorrect address. Repair Address corrects this address.


EziAddress for Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you:

  • Minimal data entry through real time predictive address capture
  • Validated address data, both locally and internationally
  • Easy copying of Location and Postal Address

EziAddress for Microsoft CRM works with the following Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Appointment
  • Address
  • Competitor
  • Business
  • Unit
  • Site
  • User

eziaddress cr

Cost saving with EziAddress 

  • EziAddress reduces the number of keystrokes to enter a standard address from an average of 40 to an average of 5.
  •  If you have 20 users entering 3 addresses each per hour this works out as a keystroke saving of 14,000 per day.
  •  Assuming an hourly cost of $50 per hour per person this works out to be a yearly saving of $3300.
  • A reasonable estimate of mail return to sender for a typical business is 1%, i.e. if you do a mail out of 10,000 letters you can expect to get 100 back due to incorrect addressing.
  • If 10% of your database typically purchase, you will lose 10 possible purchases per mail out.
  • If your average purchases price is $50 dollars and you do 4 mail outs per year that is a loss of $2000.

Total potential saving using EziAddress is $5000 per year.

Pricing For EziAddress


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