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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Seminars

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Seminars by Opsis

Do you or your colleagues have specific areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 where a little more guidance might skyrocket the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If so, you would really love one of these seminars.  Each seminar will be planned and conducted in conjunction with you.  Typically, each seminar will be under an hour in duration, so it can run as a lunch'n'learn, or as part of a larger event.



A seminar can be positioned for end-users, for management who want to understand the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365, or for your technical team.  The topics available include:

  • New features in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Taming the Beast of CRM data
  • Advanced Find - the answer to almost all your questions about your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data
  • Using XML templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365

You may prefer to base your seminar on a segment of our standard training.  This can be particularly useful for groups of people who want a refresher on a particular topic, or have learnt Microsoft Dynamics 365 alone and are struggling with a few specific topics, but do not want to complete a full training course.

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