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All About Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365

All About Dashboards in Dynamics 365

Dashboards can be the central point from where you drive your business within Microsoft Dynamics 365.  A dashboard can show you your sales pipeline, the customer cases waiting to be resolved, the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, progress towards key goals, outstanding customer correspondence and much much more.

Some of our clients run their weekly or monthly meetings directly from Dynamics 365 using dashboards.

Effective dashboards and reports enable you to see your results from across the company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a range of dashboards - inbuilt dashboards, personal dashboards, system dashboards and interactive dashboards.  These dashboards can display charts, lists of data, other websites and more

Some users can run most of their day from one or two dashboards, so avoiding much of the navigation of the system.

At the end of this course, you will have:

  • All About Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365An understanding of the data model of Dynamics 365 so you can create the data for your dashboards
  • Capability to create a range of charts for your dashboards - using the best chart for each job
  • Skills to create and manage a range of goals and targets on dashboards
  • An appreciation of different uses of dashboards in sales, support, marketing, system administration and management
  • An understanding of the uses of interactive dashboards

Target Audience for All About Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • People wanting to understand how they can create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboards - project owners and business analysts
  • Users who want to fully understand the opportunities presented by dashboards
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Managers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Analysts, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Architects and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Analysts.

Course prerequisites for All About Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365

A general understanding of the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and some knowledge of the data structure of Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Course length

Two days