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Upgrade Readiness Workshop for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Upgrades are a mixture of risk and opportunity.

UpgradeOpportunity comes from the new features, functions and capabilities in the upgrade.  At least some of these new features, functions and capabilities are likely to be beneficial to your business.  They may make processes more efficient, provide information more easily or enable totally new functionality.

Risk comes from a range of factors:

  • Existing customisations may not upgrade smoothly
  • Changes to the CRM solution – especially interface changes – may confuse staff
  • Third-party integrations may not be supported
  • You may need to upgrade hardware and other infrastructure

On the other hand, if you don’t upgrade, you will eventually find yourself with an unsupported version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – which presents another kind of risk. Plus, your system capability will fall behind industry standard, so it will be hard to maintain competitiveness. Upgrades can sometimes be delayed, but they can’t be avoided.  Your best option is to prepare and plan before you upgrade.



With Microsoft planning new functionality at least once a year, usually twice and major functionality once a year, keeping your team up to date can be challenging.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade Readiness Workshop

Upgrade Readiness Workshop

In an upgrade readiness workshop from Opsis, our experienced consultants work with your own CRM system to explore the impacts of the upgrade.  We take away the uncertainty so that you can plan and deliver a smooth upgrade. An upgrade that not only keeps your business running but makes it run better.



Schedule an upgrade readiness workshop with Opsis, and you can experience the upgrade before it actually happens. The workshop takes half a day of your time and includes:

  • A test upgrade of your own CRM system, including all customisations.
  • Demonstration of the new system to key business decision-makers and users, so you can gauge reaction to interface changes and new functionality.
  • Review and analysis of your environment to it confirm it is appropriately supported.
  • Analysis of the new functionality and how it intersects with your business needs.  We help you identify what makes sense for you and how best to take advantage of it.
  • A review of your training requirements and options to ensure your actual upgrade is stress-free.

Contact Opsis to schedule your Upgrade Readiness workshop.

*Please note we will also need access to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 in advance to prepare your test upgrade.