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Are you making this common CRM implementation mistake?

CRM Implementation Frustration











CRM projects must be driven by your business processes - this article shows you why

CRM and Business Processes

 A CRM solution – whether it is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 or another technology – if it is successful - will support your users in performing their roles.crm supports

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Breaking the Barriers of Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions

Earlier this year I presented 'Breaking the Barriers of Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions' at the Marketing Automation Summit in Sydney.


Since Microsoft Dynamics was launched in Australia in 2004, marketing has always been playing catchup.

ClickDimensions solves this problem by providing full marketing automation native to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this presentation, Gill Walker shares how ClickDimensions is your technology of choice to break the barriers of marketing (and marketing automation) if you are an organisations of any type using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Gill will highlight the key issues in Marketing Automation and show how ClickDimensions delivers return on investment.


For those of you who prefer to read, the full transcript is below.


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Confused between the Dynamics 365 Outlook App and the Dynamics 365 Outlook client?

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Overview and history of the Dynamics 365 Outlook App and the Dynamics 365 Outlook client

The ability to work with your CRM through Outlook, almost completely seamlessly was one of the real strengths of Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Many of the sales implementations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM were won by this – as many sales people spend much of their working day managing communication with their clients and prospects.

However, the Outlook client (correctly termed the Dynamics 365 Client for Outlook or Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook) has always been resource-greedy. (As an estimate, it added 2GB of memory to the memory requirement of a computer.) It also requires the full Outlook. This meant that it only worked with desktop and laptop computers, whereas more and more users are accessing their Dynamics 365 via a phone or a tablet – at least some of the time. It also became more finicky with the expansion of browser support from Internet Explorer only to all browsers in 2012.

For a number of reasons, the Outlook client, while loved by sales people – when it worked – was the bane of technical support people’s life.

Microsoft addressed these problems by introducing the Outlook App. The app is a web-based tool which focusses on enabling the managing of communication between users and prospects but does not give full CRM functionality. It also does not permit offline access, although that is much less of a problem now than it would have been sixteen years ago when the Outlook Client first appeared.

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Five Fundamentals of a Foolproof CRM Implementation StrategyFive fundamentals of a foolproof CRM strategy

A successful CRM system is the key to unlocking superior customer experiences by tying your business together by presenting information to your customer facing team members and doing some of their routine tasks for them.

That's at least what CRM is supposed to be. Instead, what clients frequently find is that CRM is an expensive white elephant, or perhaps ultimately useful, but less so than expected and at a higher cost.

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