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Why do you need a CRM Administrator?

Once you have initially deployed CRM - Microsoft Dynamics 365 or otherwise - your CRM journey has only just begun. Your CRM solution will grow and evolve as your business grows and evolves – as all successful businesses do.

A good CRM administrator may be the difference between CRM success and CRM failure. Helping this to happen is a key part of the role of your CRM Administrator.

Your CRM Administrator is more than a typical technical administrator of the software. Your CRM Administrator is your champion for the entire CRM solution as shown in the opening image. They do not need to be an internal person, but they do need to be dedicated to your business and to your CRM success. They must not be with only you today, while searching for their next opportunity.

Organisations who do not have that champion, that person who is looking for how your CRM can further help your business grow, tend to suffer in three main ways:

  • CRM becomes a black hole for your data – data gets put in, but people aren't able to get the information out in any meaningful way;
  • User adoption, especially once those people who received training as part of the initial deployment move on, tends to fall away
  • You, and your team, spend your valuable time (and money) trying to get your CRM to deliver what you know that it should or can deliver to your organisation in:
    • improved processes ,
    • automation – saving time of your users, and improving accuracy
    • business intelligence.

Your CRM administrator should deliver three services to your organisation:

  • Ongoing configuration, so your CRM remains in step with your evolving business;
  • Training – to ensure that users, especially newer users, get to and remain at the top of their game, and can make the best of the solution that your investment has provided;
  • Reporting, which includes dashboards and goals, so you can manage the achievement of your changing business and its people.

Whom should you choose as your CRM champion?

There are many people who may make a great CRM administrator or CRM champion. There are also some people who are not cut out to be your champion, and I'll comment on these first.
Probably the biggest no-no, as someone for the role of a CRM champion, is someone who is not committed to your CRM success, someone who only sees the role as a job, for now. A revolving door will not make a good champion because the champion needs to understand:

  • Your business, and why CRM helps you
  • Your chosen CRM technology
  • How your CRM solution has already been configured.

This understanding will not happen overnight.

Another no-no is someone who is very technically focussed. Surprisingly to many people, just handing CRM over to IT, once it is live, is usually not very successful. The understanding of your business is critically important, and if this understanding is missing in your prospective champion, you will have problems. Your champion needs to be able to get to the 'why' of any proposed changes and the questions coming from users.

The ideal person is someone who is, or was a CRM user and who has been involved in the CRM usage or deployment for some time. This person is likely to have empathy with the other users. Other useful skills are the ability to communicate with all of your users, and the knack of staying organised.

The role of CRM champion is not likely to be full time. If you are a smaller organisation, or you only have a few CRM users, or your CRM is mature and stable, so it does not need a lot of ongoing tweaks and changes, you will only require a few hours per week. If your CRM is still evolving, or you have more users, more time will be required. However, your champion could easily be someone from outside your organisation, someone who gives you the support and is able to understand your business. There may even be advantages in using an external CRM expert, because they will bring the expertise garnered from working on a range of other projects.

Personally, I am not in favour of a CRM that is constantly changing. I feel that changes should be bundled and deployed in a controlled way, combined with some education, so users are not greeted with a changed environment, and just left to 'get on with it'.

If you are using Microsoft CRM, and you already have a CRM Administrator, Opsis can help you in a number of ways:

  • by providing training for your other users as formal courses or lunch 'n' learn sessions
  • our various articles and blog posts
  • additional technical support
  • Information about new functionality - Microsoft CRM gets new features and functionality at least twice per year

If you are using Microsoft CRM, and you do not already have a CRM Administrator, we also have some great additional resources for you:

  • We can provide training for an upcoming administrator for example on our CRM Bootcamp course;
  • Our GuideMeGuru will help a technical person understand the functionality and business benefits of CRM
  • We can take on the role of your CRM Administrator as an entire outsourced service

As well as the above, we can deliver a range technical services in addition to those that your CRM Administrator is happy and has time to deliver, to help with peaks in demand.
In conclusion, I do believe that all organisations using any CRM solution do need a CRM Administrator. However, this role can be filled in a range of ways, and not necessarily internally, or by increasing headcount.

Also if you'd just like to chat about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please feel free to reach out to us on 02 8212 3480.

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