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It’s official – Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, Finance and Operations apps, are now receiving semi-annual updates

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Although this update schedule has effectively been in place since April 2018 – when the latest version of CE - 9.02 - was released – click here to read my blog on the changes in 9.02, last Friday Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics 365 would receive major updates every April and October - every Easter and Halloween.

This means that every six months, there will be a slew of new features and deprecations to understand and to apply to your implementations – if you are running a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online solution. For those of us running a Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-prem, or partner hosted (eg OzCloudCRM) this means that the supported versions will change each six months, although the pressure to upgrade is somewhat lower.

While our users might see this a gift - more new functionality, those of us who are supporting it may feel more like it is trick and treat.

As each version rolls out, organisations who have not kept up with the upgrades will face upgrade deadlines. This means that you risk falling out of support and not getting future product updates, including security updates.

Microsoft have committed to publishing release notes for each update several weeks before the actual update – for example, the release notes for the October 2018 update will be published on 23rd July 2018. Once released the releases can be tested in a sandbox environment.

If you would like help in ensuring that test the release thoroughly, you may want to take advantage of our upgrade readiness workshop. This will show you what your environment will look like after the upgrade and allow you to be confident that all your processes will work – or if changes are required, to be sure that your users receive this training.

Timeline for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

The latest release of Dynamics 365 CE is v9.02 (as of mid-April 2018). This release was officially a minor release. My blog article about the new features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.02 is here.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE v9 was released last October – although it was scheduled as the July 2017 release. My ebook about this major release can be downloaded from here.

If you do not know which version you are using, go to

• Settings > About

settings about Microsoft Dynamics 365


The version is the number in the brackets – for support purposes only the first numbers are relevant. This is a v8.2

Users of customer engagement apps with Dynamics 365 version 8.1 were notified in May 2017 that they needed to schedule updates - soon. If you are still on 8.1, you will be out of support when the next release occurs – probably in October 2018.

Users of customer engagement apps currently using Microsoft Dynamics 365 v8.2 "should plan to update to the latest version no later than 31st January, 2019”.

Timeline for Finance and Operations

Users of Dynamics 365 versions 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 8.0 "should update to the latest version by 31st March 2019."

However, if an organization has "unfulfilled extension requests by Microsoft," then support for Dynamics 365 version 7.3 "will be available until April 30, 2020."

Currently supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft appear to be continuing their policy of supporting the current version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and two versions back. As of July 2018 the current version is v9 so the supported versions are Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 (and Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.02), Microsoft Dynamics 365 8.2 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 v8.1.

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