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Security is the Chief Enemy of Mortals

security does not allow us to be complacent

In "Security is the Chief Enemy of Mortals", Gill Walker travels through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE security challenges, the moving parts of its security, and gives us some tips to survive the traps of setting up a security model within Microsoft Dynamics 365.  This video was made at PowerPlatformSaturday Sydney on Saturday 15th February 2020.

The requirements of a solution that provides models which protect sensitive data and enable collaboration, at first glance, seem impossible. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform provides us with this - and in a way that meets the needs of small businesses, large businesses, and franchises.

Is your Dynamics 365 security set up to give your users the optimal experience while protecting your data?  

While the building blocks - business units, security roles, users, and teams - are pretty simple, creating a security model that meets a specific client's needs is not easy. There are many traps to be avoided.

If you would like a review of your security in your Dynamics 365 or you simply would like some help, please do reach out to me - I am always happy to help.

Gill Walker presents "Security is the Chief Enemy of Mortals" at PowerPlatformSaturday Sydney on 15th February 2020.