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Gill Walker talks about her entrepreneurial journey with Mohammad Bashir 


In this interview with Mohammad Bashir of Entrepreneurs Empowerment Club, Gill Walker reveals her story, challenges, and aspirations as an entrepreneur in the CRM space. 

Get to know Gill Walker in-depth as she shares about the experiences, tools, and people that made her an empowered CRM Success Catalyst today.


Gill Walker in conversation with Sam Gupta

Gill Walker sat down with Sam Gupta as a guest on his podcast.  They talked about how WORM and broad education lead to CRM success. On the way, they discussed how to link ERP and eCommerce with CRM, the place for Marketing Automation besides CRM and looked at a few of the 'less than successful' projects which Gill has been invited to help rescue.  They even mentioned how in CRM 'all roads lead to Rome!'.

To see how all these features link together within CRM success - or otherwise -  listen to the complete conversation here.

Microsoft Dynamics 365? " 'Is it a 'Trojan Horse' or an 'Arabian Steed' " with Testhouse

Gill Walker was part of a round table brought together by Testhouse to talk about several aspects that decision makers should be aware of when setting up a Dynamics 365 project. This video is Gill's part of that discussion.

A Trojan Horse looks good - at first.  But once inside, it causes havoc.  Is this your CRM?

The Speed of Change, What 'Cloud' Really Means and the Advantage of Keeping It Superbly Simple

Recently, I chatted with Aaron Back of Dynamic Communities.  Our conversation covered the challenges created by the speed of change in software, and specifically Dynamics 365, including cloud and Dynamics 365 Online, and the challenges that it causes. 

The e-book that I mentioned is available here: 'Choosing Between Online and On-Premise'


In conversation with Megan Del Borrello from Behind the Brand

Meet Gill Walker

I had a chat with Megan Del Borrello of Behind the Brand to talk about my entrepreneurial journey.  The transcript of our conversation is here.