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Ian Stephens and Gill Walker

Good, accessible CRM generates more sales

Recently I sat down with Ian Stephens of Enrich Training and Development - the guru of sales development training - to talk about whether an organisation should embark on the CRM journey.

You can listen to our converation, "Good, accessible CRM generates more sales" below.

There are five ways to increase profit – be that at salesperson, team or organisation level:

  1. more leads,
  2. more conversions (leads becoming customers)
  3. more sales per time period per customer,
  4. bigger sales when a customer buys, and
  5. more profit from each sale.

CRM can help with all of these methods of generating more sales - and you benefit from the compounding effect.  This compounding means that if you improve each of these by 10%, your overall improvement is not 50% but is actually 61%.

Successful CRM - good and accessible CRM - will also help with the effort behind sales success and creates the ability to draw out good information so you can make good decisions for your organisation.

Achieving successful CRM requires good quality education throughout the project and this ensures that people get over the 'hump' of changing to a new way of working.  For your end users, it is essential that the training is specific to each user and shows them how to do their job using the new CRM solution.