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Gill Walker presents "All Roads Lead to Rome - Understanding is Key in Successful CRM"

Rome - the place where a civilisation came to an end, where an empire fell over, and where the Dark Ages began - represents failure in your CRM project. 

When a lack of understanding exists somewhere in your CRM project, the path will lead you to CRM failure. As the idiom goes, "All roads lead to Rome" - as with 85% of CRM and ERP projects that were deemed failed. 

In this presentation, Gill Walker talks about those paths that lead to CRM failure - and how you can re-route your path away from "Rome", or failure, to CRM success.

You will learn about the role of understanding in CRM projects, and how having a true understanding of the project scope, processes and purpose will help you overcome roadblocks and unnecessary detours in your CRM project implementation. 


Gill Walker Certificate Digital4Europe

Gill Walker delivered this presentation at the European E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Week 2021.