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Five Ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enables a Sales Manager to Excel (and not a spreadsheet in sight)

Five ways in which the Business Intelligence built into Microsoft CRM will help a Sales Manager to support the sales team.

Five ways that Microsoft CRM will help a sales manager excel

Most sales managers know the basics about their sales team and the selling process used in their organisation. They know which salespeople are their top, mid and bottom range performers; they know how long a deal takes to come to fruition, the length of the sales cycle, the dollar value of the average deal, and so on.

However, successful sales leadership demands a deeper awareness of what is going on within the sales organisation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has many ways of helping a Sales Manager get real-time Business Intelligence about what is happening within the sales team. In this ebook, I look at five ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you measure the achievement of your sales team across parameters other than top-line sales value. Once you can measure something, you can manage it. Until you can measure something, you can only make vague changes.



Because we are looking at real-time information, these reports can be used immediately within a sales meeting – neither the sales person nor the manager has to spend time creating the report as a separate piece of work.

The employee satisfaction has increased because the team are not creating reports as a separate activity - they just do their jobs and reports happen in the background.
Lost customers are a thing of the past. 

Carlo Lauricella
CEO - Applied Training Solutions

Some questions that your CRM should help you with include:

  • Which source of leads and prospects results in the highest percentage of closed deals?
  • Are the salespeople selling the most profitable products/services and are they selling at the best possible margin?
  • How effectively is the sales process being followed?
  • How well does the sales process match the customer’s buying process?
  • Where do the salespeople tend to stall or derail in the sales process?
  • Which competitors does the organisation lose the most business to, and why?

And having all this information, in real-time, and without any additional effort makes conducting effective sales meetings much easier.

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