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Gill Walker as a Speaker


Gill Walker has a passion for CRM, and for sharing her knowledge about CRM in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Gill is a Dynamics 365 success catalyst.  Gill is a CRM trainer and an all-round Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Microsoft Dynamics CRM guru as well as a keynote speaker. She loves getting underneath the problem and making it easy for you to understand. Gill fervently believes that people are more capable than they believe, or let on, and loves to work with all users to give them the confidence to fly with CRM.

Gill says "I especially like making esoteric information easily understandable for everyone, even if they know little about CRM, technology or IT".

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Some places where Gill has spoken, given webinars, been interviewed or been published:

Certified Public Accountant logo - Gill spoke at CPA in 2015   Testing Mind Logo - Gill spoke at Testing Mind in 2018 Innovest SME logo - Gill spoke at Innovest SME in 2017
 EagleWaves radio logo - Gill spoke with Eagle Waves in 2015 Madinah Institute logo - Gill ran a webinar for Madinah Institute in 2017   Dynamics 365 Group logo - Gill was p[art of the corporate launch event for Dynamics 365 Group in Sydney and Melbourne in 2017
City Business Swap logo - Gill spoke frequently for City Business Swap between 2008 and 2012   Business dot com logo - Gill's article on training was published by Business dot com  Business Online TV - Gill interviewed on Business Online TV with Steve Brossman in 2009
Gill spoke at Australian Institute of Management (AIM) in 2016 Sydney CRM Saturday Business Woman's Media

Click to download Gill Walker's speaker bio

Keynote topics

Gill Walker’s keynote speaking topics include:


Why smALL businesses need a CRM - The benefits of CRM for smALL businesses

  • The benefits of CRM for smALL businesses
  • For more leads and more conversions
  • Better automation – more time which means more profit

The nine steps of CRM success

  • The nine aspects of your CRM project that must be addressed to avoid project failure
  • Choosing the technology is not where your efforts should go
  • Ensuring that your team have the right values

Leading a CRM leadership change

  • Why CRM project failure rates are so high
  • How to maximise on the functionality that the technology already has
  • What successful CRM comprises

Taming the beast of CRM data

There is little point in capturing all your customer / client and prospect information, and diligently entering it all into Microsoft Dynamics 365 (or Microsoft Dynamics CRM), if neither you nor anyone else can get it out in a meaningful way.

  • Data is useless – information and knowledge are powerful
  • How do we convert our data into valuable information?
  • The options in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (or Microsoft Dynamics CRM) to enable you to make the right decisions from your data


Gill Walker has spoken at

Gill is a CRM Thought Leader who has interviewed with various people including:

Gill Walker’s CRM thoughts have been published in several places including:

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