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Who is Gill Walker - Your CRM Success Catalyst - speaker, educator, consultant and trainer with Opsis? 

Gill Walker - Your CRM Success Catalyst

"As an online and in-person speaker, educator, mentor, trainer, advisor, troubleshooter and consultant (do-er), I'm here to improve your CRM usage, to make more money for you NOW! Your CRM is and should be, one of your most valuable assets. Let me help you use it wisely.

"As your CRM Success Catalyst, I improve CRM usage, return on investment and return on effort, both in-person and online/remotely"

Gill Walker has a passion for CRM, and for sharing her knowledge. She is a CRM trainer (MCT) focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions, as well as a keynote speaker on CRM topics and an all-around Microsoft Dynamics 365 guru.

Gill is known as the CRM Success Catalyst

... because she speeds up the rate at which you achieve your goals.

Gill loves getting underneath the problem and making it easy for you to understand. She will work with you to identify what is important for you within your CRM project, so you can be confident that you will get a CRM solution that works for you - not just a CRM.  Gill fervently believes that people are more capable than they let on. One of Gill's favourite roles is to mentor CRM implementers so they are able to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 more confidently. She also loves to work with all users to give them the confidence to fly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gill says "I especially like making esoteric information easily understandable for everyone, even if they know nothing about CRM, technology or IT".

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Here’s why you will benefit from Gill Walker - Your CRM Success Catalyst's expertise

  • You have not yet started your business’s CRM journey, and you want to take this step. And, you want to get it right the first time.  
  • You are keen to really leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 without going down the road of large amounts of potentially risky coding.  
  • Additionally, you do not want to fall victim to a project that becomes ‘bigger than Ben Hur’. – and especially one that is full of customisation that is questionably necessary, may not upgrade easily and for which you may not have the internal resources to support.

Gill Walker - Your CRM Success Catalyst - improves Dynamics 365 usage return on investment and return on effort

with training, speaking, consulting and support - online and in-person.

Gill Walker improves your CRM return on investment

  • You have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is not performing, not delivering the results that you expected, or that users are not happy to use and you want to make it better.  If nothing else, Gill will give you a second opinion about the problems that you believe you have;
  • You have problems or challenges within your business, such as:
    • inadequate sales;
    • users having to enter the same information into a myriad of systems;
    • Customer issues are getting lost or forgotten, or are tied to one individual - and you dread to think what will happen if that individual leaves you;
    • Too much of your business IP is tied into one or a few individual people which creates a risk to your organisation;
    • Marketing and sales working as entirely discrete teams rather than as a coordinated business development arm of your business;
    • lack of knowledge about what is happening in your business, what sales are being made by whom, which of your products are most successful, perhaps because there are too many discrete sources of information;
    • users are complaining that the system is too slow - it takes too long to do their work.
  • You have Microsoft Dynamics 365 (or Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and you want to take it further, maybe add marketing automation or one of the other add-ons available, or perhaps extend it into new teams within your organisation.

Gill Walker in 2008Gill Walker has been living and breathing CRM since the early '90s. Her first experience was developing a solution for call tracking when working on a support desk that had nothing other than paper - and not much of that! Then she wrote a Microsoft Access solution which ran her training business. This training expertise led to Gill being invited to lead the training team across Europe for Microsoft while they deployed Clarify and Siebel - before both of these solutions were swallowed by other vendors. This was followed by a few Clarify projects, which also brought her to Australia via Malaysia. Since 2002 she has dedicated herself to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and now Microsoft Dynamics 365.  You will struggle to find anyone more passionate about CRM solutions, or experienced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 than Gill.

Since 2004 Gill has been the face and the head of Opsis - the Sydney-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy experts, a boutique business consultancy.  Gill is the lead Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE consultant and will look after your project throughout.  Opsis' sole focus is helping businesses get more clients, better cash flow and happier staff by successfully implementing CRM strategies and technology in whichever platform (CRM Online, or on-premises CRM or in a private cloud or data centre) is best for the business.  

Since 2002, Gill has helped small businesses, corporates and government departments with their CRM challenges, ensuring that their CRM projects - both new implementations and improvements to existing solutions - achieve results.  Some implementations are simple - just some support as the out of the box solution delivers everything, or almost everything, that that the users require.  Others are more complex and required working with a larger team, including coders to create a larger solution.  However, every project includes scoping so the aims of the project are fully understood, that both user and management requirements are met and the users are trained.

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Opsis is an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting company. Our focus is your Microsoft Dynamics 365 success - not licence sales or billable hours. As Principal Consultant, Gill oversees all business operations and strategic planning and execution, yet she still believes in offering personal attention to each and every client, so as to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions.  We are based in Sydney, with clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.  We offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 strategy, Microsoft Dynamics 365 scoping, Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 technical support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 advice and guidance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and mentoring.