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Applied Training is a Registered Training provider based in Sydney, NSW with offices in Wollongong and Newcastle.  Their primary business is the provision of training to companies and individuals, especially using government grants to assist with the payment.  The directors of the company also own other businesses including Greenhouse Strategies.


In 2008,  Applied Training realised that they needed to improve how they conducted their marketing and customer administration to enable them to capture and successfully manage a larger market to compensate for some of the changes that were being introduced in government funding.  They investigated a couple of different CRM solutions including Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.  Their challenges were that their processes were very manual, with unlinked spreadsheet reports and they had no real-time view of sales across the business. Management had little confidence in the reports that they were receiving.


Opsis deployed Microsoft CRM 4.0 as a hosted solution using a hosting partner.  The hosted solution was particularly attractive to Applied Training because of the ease with which they could add new users.  Applied Training selected Opsis for their CRM deployment/project because they believed that they were able to lead the changes in the way that the Applied Training team worked, moving them from a very manual process where the reports were a separate task to being more effective and efficient.  This has subsequently been proven in a different project in a sub-division of the business - Greenhouse Strategies  - which enables consumers to insulate their homes using government grants. They are looking forward to seeing the same benefits in the training business in 2010. By customising Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Opsis created a solution for Greenhouse Strategies that enabled the screening of prospects over the phone and the tracking of the customer from the initial call to the completion of the installation.


The management of Applied Training love their reports and the ease with which they were configured – almost before their eyes.  They are now confident in the reports that they are receiving and feel confident that they are making decisions based on real information and not emotion. Employee satisfaction has increased because the team are not creating reports as a separate activity – they just do their jobs and reports happen in the background. Lost customers are a thing of the past.

Applied Training originally contracted Opsis to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help them manage their training clients. However, when another project suddenly became critical, they were very happy with the ease with which the Opsis team were able to switch stream and get a solution for this project.  They are looking forward to seeing the same benefits in the training arm of the business early in 2011.

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