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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Opsis Consulting Services - education, training, implementation and support for Dynamics 365

As Sydney's only Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting expert with well over a dozen years dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft CRM excellence, we offer a smorgasbord of education, training courses, implementation and ongoing support services to help you with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 - both now and into the future.  These include services which help you get started with your initial implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, solve a knotty problem in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or provide ongoing support once you are live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want more from it.  We also offer a range of training programs specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Guide Me Guru - a free, gentle overview and walk through of the main features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Scoping Workshop for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - understand what you need from Microsoft 365 to get best value for your business

Hosting for your CRM - OzCloud private cloud hosting for your Dynamics 365, whether you are a new or an existing user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM

RapidCRM - Microsoft Dynamics 365 up and running and delivering benefits in a few weeks without billshock

 Solving a knotty problem with Microsoft Dynamics 365

ExpertAssist - dedicated time with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 authority to solve your specific problem

Upgrade readiness workshop - when you want to be sure that your upgrade will go smoothly

CRM Healthcheck - when you want to be be sure that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 is delivering as much as it can to your business, or find out where it could be improved

Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365

OpsisAssist - support for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, regardless of how you originally implemented it

Training for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Opsis offer a range of training options for Microsoft Dynamics 365Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Our courses include introductory courses, subject matter expert training, end user training, technical training and train the Dynamics 365 trainer.

OpsisAssist: all the Microsoft Dynamics 365 support and assistance you need from Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts

Do you want expert support for your CRM, from people who really know Microsoft Dynamics 365?  Who really know and understand your business? If so, you need OpsisAssist.

OpsisAssist is our all-you-can-eat support offering for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  This innovative managed service is a combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 training support,OpsisAssist - a new innovative managed service support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM from OpsisOpsisAssist - an innovative managed service support solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Opsis ongoing Microsoft Dynamics 365 training by experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants and day-to-day Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration.

OpsisAssist will handle the administration of your Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics 365, wherever it is hosted.  Plus, it helps you extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 over time, so that your CRM system really adds value and becomes an indispensable part of your business.

Who needs OpsisAssist?

  • You have Microsoft Dynamics 365 up and running – on premise, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online or partner hosted.
  • You want (more) assistance with your Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • You want certainty about the cost of supporting your Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • You want your Microsoft Dynamics 365 managed by Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, not internal or contract IT staff who have little training in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and may not even understand why you deployed it in the first place.
  • You want more from Microsoft Dynamics 365, but don't know where to turn to find out what's possible.
  • You want the administrative headache of managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 removed – you'd rather focus on growing your business than processes, configuration, reports, workflows, user queries and other Microsoft Dynamics 365 issues.

OpsisAssist - click here for information about OpsisAssist

What is OpsisAssist?

  • An initial audit of your Microsoft Dynamics 365, so we fully understand what you and your management team are trying to achieve from CRM and the changes that have already been made to your solution
  • A fortnightly meeting with Gill Walker to provide you honest and effective feedback about how you can improve your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and resolve any niggling problems
  • All ongoing support and user administration taken care of for you – new users added, and people who leave your organisation inactivated, with the appropraite permissions amended
  • All your and your users “how to” questions about your Microsoft Dynamics 365 - not just out of the box answers
  • One quarterly lunch and learn seminar to highlight to your users some useful tips and techniques
  • Discount on all training courses – public and private
  • Preferential rates on all major projects
  • The knowledge that major projects such as upgrades to keep you up to date will be handled effectively
  • Discount on Opsis CRM Executive briefings – to help you and your management team really maximise on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why using OpsisAssist is better than using your own IT department

  • Your users' questions will be answered by people who understand your business, who can explain users questions in Microsoft Dynamics 365, not just how to click around it.
  • You will be advised on ways to get more from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 – in ways that purely technical people often do not see.
  • Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 will become streamlined so it really melds with your business.

How OpsisAssist saves you time and money

  • Experts will be able to solve issues more quickly than your own IT team, saving time for both users and IT.
  • Ongoing review will identify opportunities for automation, better reports and stronger processes, saving yet more time.

How much will you save with OpsisAssist

Imagine 20 users saving an average of two hours per month from their better use of CRM.  That saves you 40 hours, or a whole man-week over the month.  

Now consider the costs to the business of each employee - not just salary, but super, vacation time, sick leave, payroll tax, overhead costs like computers and phones.  $100 per hour is a fairly standard cost to the business - so OpsisAssist could be saving you $4000 every month!  

This is double the investment required for 20 users.  And this only the support.  The total saving could easily be three times this amount.

opsisassist sm

What is excluded from OpsisAssist?

  • Major Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects such as upgrades, expansion to new business units, although if required, these can be done as new projects at a discounted rate;
  • Significant new functionality although this can be discussed if either of us feel that they will add value to your business;
  • Additional software, such as ClickDimensions, although we will discuss any of these projects if either of us feel that they will add value to your business.

How much will OpsisAssist cost?

For smaller organisations, with 5 - 10 Microsoft Dynamics 365 users                          $100 per user per month

For organisations with 11 - 15 Microsoft Dynamics 365 users                                     $1000  per month

For organisations with 16 - 25 Microsoft Dynamics 365 users                                     $2000  per month

For organisations with 26 - 50 Microsoft Dynamics 365 users                                     $3000  per month

For organisations with 50+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 users                                          $3500  per month..

Small Print

OpsisAssist is for a minimum 6 month period;

Number of Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can vary by month – both up and down, but must include all of your licenced users;

Payments are to made by direct debit in advance;

Payment quarterly in advance yields a 5% discount and payments yearly in advance yields a 15% discount;

For clients within Greater Sydney (postcodes 2000 to 2250) the fortnightly meetings will be face to face, in your office or our office.  For other clients they will be by zoom video conference or telephone unless by special arrangement.

opsisassist sm

OzCloud - Hassle free hosting for your Microsoft Dynamics 365

Hassle free hosting cr smWhy OzCloud?

  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 - not just the latest version
  • Gives you as much control as you want - to suit you
  • Pay monthly, quarterly or annually - as you choose

OzCloud is Microsoft Dynamics 365 hosted by Opsis in Sydney (guaranteeing a 99.999% server uptime). We look after all the hardware and software for you. Because we manage this environment exclusively for OzCloud clients, we are able to offer significant additional functionality compared to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

With OzCloud you have complete control over when any change, including an upgrade, happens to your environment.  This is in addition to the advantages of having complete access to your server, such as being able to:

  • do data backups whenever you require them
  • create additional environments easily eg for training or development
  • use a wider range of trouble shooting tools
  • create complex reports more easily and have the option to schedule reports
  • have longer running background processes
  • add indexes to the database

You can use your Microsoft Dynamics 365 from wherever you need to use it - inside or outside your office, from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

OzCloud - click here for more details

Why choose OzCloud?

  • OzCloud is faster than Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. This reduces frustration for users, and makes any development and customisation much faster and so more economical.
  • Upgrades and service pack changes can be scheduled at times that you choose - so you can ensure that you users are ready.
  • You control from where people can connect to your environment.  For example you may not want users to connect from home.
  • Backups are taken every night. If you require a one-off or regular back-up of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data for audit, or other purposes, we can arrange this for you.
  • We can provide you with a test or development environment.
  • If you are already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premise, your can readily move to OzCloud. This gives you all of the on-premise benefits, but removes the burden of management from your team.
  • Data is guaranteed to be located in Sydney, Australia - essential for some industries, or if data sovereignty is a concern for you.

To understand the key considerations when choosing between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-prem, hosted in your data centre or with us or with another hosting provider read "Choosing between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online or On Premise?" 

OzCloud - click here for more details

RapidCRM: CRM designed for you and your business - live and delivering results in two to three months

Would you like a CRM solution to improve your sales and delivery which will save you money.   And which does not take years to develop, delivers results within a couple of months and that your team are happy and confident to use.

RapidCRM is a complete CRM solution based on the award winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the necessary consulting services included to get you up and running quickly.  RapidCRM leverages the standard functionality that comes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the implementation consulting services are delivered by Opsis' consultants who have implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and previously Microsoft CRM) for over a hundred organisations – large and small, corporate, not for profit and government departments since 2003.

To find out more about RapidCRM how will help your business, click the button to the right  I want to find out more about RapidCRM 

What is RapidCRM

1088Dynamics365NewLogo cr 
Consulting Services - scoping, implementation, configuration and training 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 plus Business support plus Consulting Services plus training plus Easy predictable monthly payments
from people who really know Microsoft Dynamics 365 equals RapidCRM

RapidCRM is a way of getting Microsoft Dynamics 365 up and running for your businesses, so you can quickly see improvement in sales without the long drawn out projects or the huge price tag associated with those long projects. 

That's what Opsis deliver with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 managed service solution - RapidCRM.

To find out more about RapidCRM how will help your business, click the button to the right  I want to find out more about RapidCRM 

How do we do it?

We leverage the powerful functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We leverage the deep expertise of our consultants, who have implemented CRM in corporates, not-for-profit and public sector organisations both large and small.  

RapidCRM will get Microsoft Dynamics 365 up and running for your business, so you can quickly benefit from increased sales, better processes and more information - without long drawn out projects and the huge upfront price tag many of those require.


Why use RapidCRM?

  • You want to improve your sales and marketing
  • You know that streamlining your delivery model will reduce your costs
  • You know that your business needs CRM – after all CRM is now mainstream
  • You want more than a simple CRM implementation that just delivers a glorified address book and does not really focus on your needs
  • You know that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can deliver what you require, but you do not have the time to learn how to make it fit your unique business
  • You do not want to be pushed into a “bigger than ben-hur” CRM project by techies who are more interested in coding than delivering business value
  • You do not want CRM to be so heavily customised that it trips over its own feet
  • You do not have the time, expertise or resources to do your CRM yourself - nor do you want the headache.  Read Gill's story about the seven frustrations of DIY CRM here
  • You do not want to big upfront price tag typically associated with CRM projects.

What is RapidCRM?

A complete CRM solution that includes:

  • Account & contact management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Lead scoring, routing & assignment
  • Task & appointment phone call and email tracking
  • Customisable dashboards and standard reports
  • Mobile access
  • Access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 via any combination of Outlook, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari - as suits each user
  • Case management
  • Marketing Lists and Campaigns
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Collaborative forecasts
  • Products, quotes, orders and invoices
  • Mass email using templates
  • Workflow & approval automation
  • Customised page layouts so you capture that data that you require
  • Role permissions – different people in your organisations can see and access your information differently

And to get you there:

Before you go live you get:

  • A Scoping Workshop (over two half-days) where we agree how to configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the unique needs of your business.
  • An Action Plan, based on the workshop outcomes, so you know exactly what will happen, when it will happen and who needs to do it.
  • Your users set up in Dynamics 365, with appropriate permissions and fully integrated into Outlook - if required
  • Your own sales process designed and set up in your new CRM to reflect your business practice
  • Your existing customer and prospect data migrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 (from Excel or CSV)
  • Custom, real-time dashboards so you can track what is happening in your business.
  • Up to four printable custom reports, using your colours and your logo.  (You may want a standard proposal format, an invoice, a statement or others.)
  • A training environment separate from your live environment
  • Initial user training: half day small group sessions (6-8 users) so your team can hit the ground running.  Training is built around your solution, your processes and your data, so it's completely relevant.  It's backed up by full documentation for the team to refer to later.

Then you get:

  • Your own Microsoft Dynamics 365 managed service, hosted by Opsis in Sydney, on a server dedicated to your business
  • Four weeks of on-site support - your expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant will spend half a day at your site each week to answer those questions that arise after you are first live

And afterwards you get this ongoing Support and Service with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • A Fortnightly meeting with Gill Walker, Opsis Principal Consultant, to help you resolve any niggling issues and move forward with your Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • A Quarterly 'lunch and learn' seminar for your users, highlighting useful tips and techniques
  • Straightforward answers to all 'how to' questions from you and your users, from someone who knows and understands your CRM and your business, using your language and practical examples from your data, not just canned responses.
  • Ongoing support for your Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • User administration - new users added, people who use your organisation inactivated, permissions changed as required
  • Discounted rates on Opsis Executive Briefings, to help you and your management team realise maximum value from CRM
  • Discounted rates on Opsis training courses, both public and private
  • Preferential rates for any major project work required to extend the scope of your Microsoft Dynamics 365

Plus you can relax in the confidence that any upgrades or other projects will be handled by experts who already manage your service and understand your business priorities.

To find out more about RapidCRM how will help your business, click the button to the right  I want to find out more about RapidCRM 

Why Choose RapidCRM?

  • You want to improve sales, marketing and customer service.
  • You know you need CRM - CRM is mainstream after all.
  • You want CRM to be more than a glorified address book, but you don't want a 'bigger than Ben Hur' implementation which takes months, includes lots of custom coding and doesn't deliver value.
  • You're sure Microsoft Dynamics CRM can deliver what you need, but you don't have the time or resources to learn every aspect of the software so you can configure it to your business.
  • You want to avoid heavy customisation which will lock you in, or make changes and upgrades complex and expensive.
  • You want to avoid the big upfront price tag which comes with so many CRM projects.
  • You want certainty about cost, with no risk of blowing your CRM project budget.
  • You want a cost-effective solution.  RapidCRM can be as much as 50% cheaper than a typical CRM project budget, once all costs are included.

What Will RapidCRM Do For My Business?

RapidCRM is a managed service solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, so it has all the Microsoft functionality, including:

  • Account and Contact management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Lead scoring, routing and assignment
  • Quotations, Orders and Invoicing
  • Product catalogue
  • Collaborative forecasting
  • Task, appointment, phone call and email tracking
  • Case management
  • Marketing lists and campaigns
  • Bulk email capability using templates
  • Workflow and approval automation
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Range of standard reports and options for custom reports
  • Customisable screen layouts to capture and view the information which matters to you
  • Role permissions so different people in your organisation can have different access to view or update information if required

RapidCRM is accessible via Outlook or in web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

It's accessible from mobile devices including smartphones.

What is excluded from RapidCRM?

Major Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects such as upgrades, expansion to new business units during the term, although these can be done for an additional charge by the same people who know your business and how RapidCRM is helping you.

Significant new functionality, although this will be discussed as an additional project, and delivered at a discounted rate.

Additional software other than your Microsoft Dynamics 365, such as ClickDimensions, although we will discuss any of these projects if you or we feel that they will add value to your business.  When required, these additional projects will be done by the same team who are looking after your Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrations, although these can be added to give you even more value from your Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Potential savings with RapidCRM

Compared to a more common CRM implementation, your savings could easily be 50% of the standard budget.  Once you have included your licences, training and implementation costs.

How much will RapidCRM cost?

  • For smaller organisations, with 5 - 10 Microsoft CRM users          $450 per user per month
  • For organisations with 11 - 30 Microsoft CRM users                     $397 per user per month
  • For medium organisations with 31 - 70 Microsoft CRM users        $247 per user per month
  • For larger organisations with over 71 Microsoft CRM users           $197 per user per month

Small Print

  • RapidCRM is for a minimum 12 month period
  • Number of users can vary by month (both up and down)
  • Payments are to made by direct debit in advance
  • Payment quarterly in advance yields a 5% discount and payments yearly in advance yields a 15% discount
  • For clients outside Greater Sydney (postcodes 2000 to 2250) or with more than one office, additional travel will be charged
To find out more about RapidCRM how will help your business, click the button to the right  I want to find out more about RapidCRM 

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 will add value to your business - in your time,

with help from an experienced trainer / consultant if you need it


Unleash the power Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Guide Me Guru

Guide Me Guru is the ultimate, hand-holding, beginner's walk through for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Guide Me Guru is the solution for key decision makers who are planning to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365.   

Guide Me Guru shows you the key concepts for a successful project result by teaching you the core functionality of the technology - before any customisation is completed. 

Guide Me Guru delivers understanding which allows decision makers to make the right strategic decisions about their implementation.  Understanding the functionality of the technology prevents the poor decisions which often lead to challenges with reporting, integration and data migration later in the project. 

Click here for Guide Me Guru

Guide Me Guru we set up your 30 day trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you can work through your modules in the comfort of your own office or home, knowing that your Guru is only a phone call or email away

Guide Me Guru takes away the stress of setting up your trial and ensures that it reflects your Australian business.

Your Guide Me Guru free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes

  • Your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 set up for you
  • Calls to ensure you meet your aims with your trial and later
  • Walkthrough tutorials of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with step-by-step guides to using Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the key functionality
  • Email and telephone support from an experienced trainer / consultant during your trial

Click here for Guide Me Guru

This seven part program guides you to actively work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you see how the Customer Enagagement functionality will work across sales, marketing and customer service in your business and then shows you how you can use the information with simple reports. 

Microsoft offers a free 30 day trial of Dynamics 365 so you can assess whether the software is right for you.  Guide Me Guru - takes the confusion out of getting to grips with Microsoft Dynamics 365Where to from here? - the usual feeling when trying out new software.But if you're new to Microsoft Dynamics 365, how do you know where to start and what to do?  After all, you do not know what you do not know.  

Click here for Guide Me Guru

Who is Guide Me Guru for?  Guide Me Guru is for everyone thinking about Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It is excellent if you want to know about the value of Microsoft Dynamics 365, before configuration, perhaps because you have doubts about your configuration.  Or if you are tasked with a technical implementation and you recognise the need to understand the 'why' of what you are doing.

What will Microsoft Dynamics 365 deliver to my business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes functionality to support you with:

  • Sales
  • Customer Management
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Analytics across your business
  • Business processes to streamline your business

You still have your day job to do, so you need to get to grips with Microsoft Dynamics 365 quickly - and getting to grips with all of that is challenging for anyone.

This is where Opsis' Guide Me Guru can really help.

Guide Me Guru is a service that we provide to you, in addition to your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  It helps you really road-test Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a month (or less) and needs just a few hours of your time!

Guide Me Guru is the ultimate beginner's walk through to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Guide Me Guru walks you through how sales, marketing, service and reporting work before you, or your consultant or developer or partner make any changes at all.  This shows you how much benefit you can get from Microsoft Dynamics 365 before you spend anything on customisation or configuration.

Guide Me Guru has modules which walk you through:

  • Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Customer Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • The Sales Process in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Understanding the product model in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Getting useful information out of Microsoft Dynamics 365

When you work with your Guide Me Guru trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get a real sense of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers, without having to read the entire manual.  And your modules build up into a workbook for future reference.

You can call us during the trial period.  At a minimum, we'll have an initial phone chat and a final follow-up call, but you can call us at any time during your 30 days to troubleshoot any issues which crop up.

This is a FREE service when you arrange your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 through Opsis. So what are you waiting for?  You may be surprised, just how much Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you. 

Click here for Guide Me Guru

Guide Me Guru is your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 - made easy


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