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Subject Matter Expert / Business User Training on Microsoft Dynamics 365

For people who need to know how Dynamics 365 works, before any configuration or customisation

Gill Walker delivers Business User Training

Subject Matter Expert / Business User training highlights the low hanging fruit.  Because your key business people, your Subject Matter Experts can now easily identify the quick wins, you save money.

When you include Subject Matter Expert Dynamics 365 training - envisioning education - as part of the scoping of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 project, you and your team are able to make better decisions about the scope of the project. Subject Matter Expert training covers the standard functionality that Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides. It helps your SMEs - subject matter experts - (the people who really know how your business operates and therefore what your CRM solution should deliver by way of supporting your service of customers and the reports to enable you to run the business better) work with your technical implementers to get the "best bang for your buck" from the solution design.

i love low hanging fruitBy having people who understand your business and the functionality that Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers, before any changes (customisation or configuration) are done, you can select the functionality that you require for your business processes logically and wisely.  You can choose the low hanging fruit, so you can deliver value to your users far more rapidly.  The investment (both in money and time) made into this training will be repaid many times over by your resulting more effective project.

Ensuring that you have these people who know about the business and the technology means that you can avoid the loss in translation or the Chinese whispers effect that so often derails these projects.

Subject Matter Expert Dynamics 365 training is very different from Microsoft Dynamics 365 end-user training.  Subject Matter Expert Dynamics 365 training shows you the potential of the technology before any configuration.  End-User Dynamics 365 training shows you the how and the why to use your CRM functionality delivered by Dynamics 365 in your environment, using your data and your processes.

Opsis offers several different subject matter expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 training courses as both scheduled courses in our training centre in Sydney and as bespoke courses - dates and locations to suit you: