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Gill Walker as a Speaker


Gill Walker has a passion for CRM, and for sharing her knowledge about CRM in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Gill is a Dynamics 365 success catalyst.  Gill is a CRM trainer and an all-round Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Microsoft Dynamics CRM guru as well as a keynote speaker. She loves getting underneath the problem and making it easy for you to understand. Gill fervently believes that people are more capable than they believe, or let on, and loves to work with all users to give them the confidence to fly with CRM.

Gill says "I especially like making esoteric information easily understandable for everyone, even if they know little about CRM, technology or IT".

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Some places where Gill has spoken, given webinars, been interviewed or been published:

Certified Public Accountant logo - Gill spoke at CPA in 2015   Testing Mind Logo - Gill spoke at Testing Mind in 2018 Innovest SME logo - Gill spoke at Innovest SME in 2017
 EagleWaves radio logo - Gill spoke with Eagle Waves in 2015 Madinah Institute logo - Gill ran a webinar for Madinah Institute in 2017   Dynamics 365 Group logo - Gill was p[art of the corporate launch event for Dynamics 365 Group in Sydney and Melbourne in 2017
City Business Swap logo - Gill spoke frequently for City Business Swap between 2008 and 2012   Business dot com logo - Gill's article on training was published by Business dot com  Business Online TV - Gill interviewed on Business Online TV with Steve Brossman in 2009
Gill spoke at Australian Institute of Management (AIM) in 2016 Sydney CRM Saturday Business Woman's Media

Click to download Gill Walker's speaker bio

Keynote topics

Gill Walker’s keynote speaking topics include:


Why smALL businesses need a CRM - The benefits of CRM for smALL businesses

  • The benefits of CRM for smALL businesses
  • For more leads and more conversions
  • Better automation – more time which means more profit

The nine steps of CRM success

  • The nine aspects of your CRM project that must be addressed to avoid project failure
  • Choosing the technology is not where your efforts should go
  • Ensuring that your team have the right values

Leading a CRM leadership change

  • Why CRM project failure rates are so high
  • How to maximise on the functionality that the technology already has
  • What successful CRM comprises

Taming the beast of CRM data

There is little point in capturing all your customer / client and prospect information, and diligently entering it all into Microsoft Dynamics 365 (or Microsoft Dynamics CRM), if neither you nor anyone else can get it out in a meaningful way.

  • Data is useless – information and knowledge are powerful
  • How do we convert our data into valuable information?
  • The options in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (or Microsoft Dynamics CRM) to enable you to make the right decisions from your data


Gill Walker has spoken at

Gill is a CRM Thought Leader who has interviewed with various people including:

Gill Walker’s CRM thoughts have been published in several places including:

and of course

speaker bio sm


Effective CRM enables the delivery of superlative customer relationships

In this video, Gill Walker discusses how an effective CRM solution enables your staff to deliver the relationship that your clients crave - the relationship that people had with a bank manager of yesteryear.

Helping Australian businesses achieve CRM success with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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While we have plenty of success stories from working with our clients to streamline business processes and reduce their costs with customer engagement projects - we have been part of over 200 successful CRM projects, from the birth of Microsoft CRM in 2003 until Microsoft Dynamics 365 today - our real strength is in our
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Why Opsis - for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 success?

Opsis is about Microsoft Dynamics 365 success - your success.  When the buck stops with you, and you have to get your Dynamics 365 working, your users happy, the correct reports out of it, speak to Opsis.

We understand the challenges of introducing and making successful a solution that impacts across the business.  That is why our focus is on education and change management.

Our business focusses on your success - not on billable hours nor licence sales.  Opsis remove the focus from billable hours. A billable hours focus rarely works as the goals of the client & provider are misaligned; one needs a result, the other want to keep staff busy.  A licence sales focus cannot be in the client's interest.

Our solutions including Dynamics 365 Healthcheck, RapidCRM, GuideMeGuru, ExpertAssist - quick answers to difficult questions as well as our Microsoft Dynamics 365 training solutions all focus on bringing you the results that you need.  When you engage Opsis your solution will be delivered with integrity.  Your relationship with us will help you build great relationships with your clients. 

Opsis is Sydney's only Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consultancy with over fourteen years dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), excellence.  Dynamics 365 is all that we do - it is not a side line to server management, to desktop support, to ERP products or to other management or business consultancy.  We live Dynamics 365 success - for all businesses - large or small, private enterprise, public or government and certainly for you.

Because we are a boutique CRM consultancy, you get from Opsis:

  • The same people working on your project - unlike the larger consultancies we do not have one team to do the sales and another to do the actual work; the owners and partners work on your project i.e. you get the whole pond not the small fish.
  • Our expertise and time regardless of the budget of your project - unlike the larger consultancies we can focus on you and your project regardless of the size of your budget - larger consultancies are forced to favour those clients with multi-million budgets, but where does that leave you if your budget can’t compete?
  • Smaller bills - it is pretty obvious; big consultancies have big overheads. If big shop prestige is still important to you, you’ll be happy to pay considerably more than you need to. If not...

As a small consultancy we have no cumbersome hierarchy or multinational mumbo jumbo, things just get done. We are independent and therefore agile, which leads to a refreshingly entrepreneurial approach and the ability to leap when you have a need.

For too many implementation companies, the focus is simply on billable hours. This is great for the company, but not so much for the client as the goals of each are misaligned; one is after a result, the other just wants to keep staff busy and chargeable.

Opsis changes this paradigm to align both the client and agency goals?  We scope your project, and then, once the scope is understood, we give you a fixed price for that scope. Because we scope first, we avoid both the bottomless wallet syndrome, and the fixed price for anything that you want syndrome.

If you work with Opsis you will get a CRM solution, based on the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365, that really maximises on the best-practice out of the box CRM features. We show you how you can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 standard features first, rather than treating Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a development platform.  We only use customisation once we have ensured that out of the box features or configuration do not meet your requirements.  This is equivalent to decorating a house to suit your tastes vs a major knock down and rebuild.  Many consultancies prefer the rebuild, and sometimes just because they can.

Working with Opsis will give you a smoother sales process, better understanding of your hard-earned CRM data and particularly happier more confident users.

How Opsis helps with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Opsis offers a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and services encompassing consulting, for first time deployments or later, support to keep your solution running smoothly, training so your users can get the most out of your investment, and of course, implementations.

The team at Opsis will work with you, as a partner, rather than just as a supplier.  Every Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project is different, both in what it is trying to achieve for the business and how you want to work.  We will work to your timeframes and to your budget.

Opsis is a friendly, Sydney based, boutique, business consultancy which focusses on CRM - technically we focus on the world-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365, but we do a lot more than a technical implementation.  We are very human - with Opsis you will always know the person who is looking after your project.  We pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and we have delivered innovative solutions for many clients. We are not an IT company, although we will work with your IT experts to ensure that your CRM implementation works for you.

If you are looking for a CRM solution expert organisation with experienced CRM consultants to help you get the CRM solution that you want, then look no further.

We help you, your key personnel and your company understand how your customers or clients want to buy so that you can maximise your relationship as a supplier with them. We do this by working with you to implement business processes and technology to support your clients on their buyer's journey.  This ensures that you and your team are able to give superlative service to your clients and prospects and everyone can access the information that enables you to give that level of service easily.

We work with clients in Sydney, across New South Wales and further afield.  We will work with you whether you are new to Dynamics 365, or you have already deployed it, and are looking for some improvements or extensions.  We also offer Dynamics 365 support, Dynamics 365 upgrades, and Dynamics 365 training - even if your original project was done by someone else.

We work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 hosted in our data centre here in Sydney, Dynamics 365 Online and on-premises Dynamics 365.  We work with all versions of Dynamics 365 from Microsoft Dynamics CRM v3 to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  (Our principal consultant, Gill Walker, cut her teeth on Microsoft CRM v1.0, which did not even get released in Australia!!)

Benefits of choosing Opsis for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project: Our Approach

Every business is different! At Opsis we truly understand this. We do not try to give you the implementation that worked for our last client, nor do we force you to be something that you are not. At Opsis we take the time to understand your business; then we deliver a solution comprising the appropriate parts from consultancy, implementation, training, testing, software, hardware and hosting which works with and for you.

But, unlike many of our competitors, we look to avoid large amounts of customisation.  We take a configure first, then customise, approach so you are not paying for massive changes to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Microsoft Dynamics 365, is built on best practice and we do not believe in breaking that, but in augmenting it to meet your needs. 

With Opsis you get the experience of our consultants who have worked in CRM projects of all sizes and in many industries. We deliver a solution which amplifies your sales, and marketing results while helping the people on the ground, but still delivering the reporting that management want and regard as a measure of a successful project.

An extensive understanding of your business and especially business processes is required to identify the areas where the best rewards will be found, given the nature of the business issue and the capabilities and costs of the solution. Here we use our business analysts who have worked on CRM projects in many industries to scope out a solution to your requirements which can be implemented quickly and safely to maximise the ROI.

Once we have scoped out your solution, we produce a project plan which details the customisation, workflow processes, configuration, testing, user and administrative training required. The final stage of any project is the post go-live support where we work with you to ensure that the change to your organisation is a smooth transition. We will work either on your behalf to implement the solution, or we will project manage the implementation, but work with your staff doing much of the implementation work. Because of this detailed scoping exercise and project plan, we are able to work to a fixed price for your implementation.

Complex as this may sound, the multi-disciplined skills of our team can often distil projects that might take months for others into a few weeks, providing a superior solution at lower cost.

Our expertise means that you are given a price for your requirements at the beginning of your project.  And this is a price for your requirements, not a price per day or hour for a person.  If you need additional requirements, we give you a price for those before we start work.  With Opsis running your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project, there is no bill-shock.

Business Processes

Opsis have a unique workshopping approach to scoping an implementation, which means that you and your organisation get the chance to revise your business processes ready for the new system(s) being implemented. This scoping workshop highlights all the data that needs to be captured, and the processes that work with this data. Working with you on your business processes allows us to have a holistic view of your business and so to implement a solution which works right across your organisation.


Our staff members include Business Analysts, Developers, Implementers and Trainers all of whom have years of experience in CRM systems including MS CRM from Microsoft CRM v1, through to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Clarify and Seibel.  We have successfully designed, implemented and supported CRM solutions across businesses of all sizes and government sectors of the economy in Australia and Europe.


A successful CRM implementation requires far more than a deep technical knowledge of products being deployed.  It requires critical and analytical thinking to challenge your requirements and avoid reimplementing ineffective processes - because that is how things are done round here.  It then needs a team who can map the standard functionality to the requirements of the organisation and can communicate this to all the different people involved.  Then, the implementation has to be done, quickly and efficiently, your legacy data needs to be brought in and your users must be trained.  And all of this should be done in way that allows you to start using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as soon as possible.

No longer is CRM the exclusive province of the largest organisations with budgets to match. Opsis understand this and will implement CRM for you and within your budget.

We make our clients successful by bringing their customers' requirements to the core of the organisation.

A brief history of Opsis

Opsis was founded in 2004 by Gill Walker. Gill was one of the first people in Australia to be working with Microsoft CRM and had worked with the pre-release versions of Microsoft CRM before Microsoft released the first version into the Australian market.

Before setting up Opsis, she had worked with other CRM products including Clarify and Seibel for a range of companies including Microsoft (EMEA), Reliance Infocom (Mumbai) and Celcom (Kuala Lumpur) as well as many smaller companies and some government agencies in a number of countries. These 20+ years of working with organisations of different sizes has given her a wide perspective of how businesses function. So when you partner with Opsis, she brings this range of experience to your project.

Gill Walker

Gill Walker - the CRM Doctor

Who is Gill Walker - principal consultant and trainer with Opsis?

Gill Walker has a passion for CRM, and for sharing her knowledge.  She is a CRM trainer focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as a keynote speaker on CRM topics and an all round Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 guru. 

Gill loves getting underneath the problem and making it easy for you to understand.  She will work with you to identify what is important for you within your CRM project, so you can be confident that you will get a CRM solution that works for you - not just a CRM.  Gill fervently believes that people are more capable than they let on.  One of Gill's favourite roles is to mentor CRM implementers so they are able to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 more confidently.  She also loves to work with all users to give them the confidence to fly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gill says "I especially like making esoteric information easily understandable for everyone, even if they know nothing about CRM, technology or IT". 

Here’s why you will benefit from Gill Walker’s expertise

  • You have not yet started your business’s CRM journey, and you want to take this step. And, you want to get it right first time.  
  • You are keen to really leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 without going down the road of large amounts of potentially risky coding.  
  • Additionally you do not want to fall victim to a project that becomes ‘bigger than Ben Hur’. – and especially one that is full of customisation that is questionably necessary, may not upgrade easily and for which you may not have the internal resources to support.

Gill is known as the CRM ‘fix-it’ woman. 

  • You have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is not performing, not delivering the results that you expected it to deliver, or that users are not hapy to use and you want to make it better.  If nothing else, Gill will give you a second opinion about the problems that you believe you have;
  • You have problems or challenges within your business, such as:
    • inadequate sales;
    • users are being asked to enter the same information into a myriad of systems;
    • Customer issues are getting lost or forgotten, or are tied to one individual - and you dread to think what will happen if that individual leaves you;
    • Too much of your business IP is tied into one or a few individual people which creates a risk to your organisation;
    • Marketing and sales working as entirely discrete teams rather than as a co-ordinated business development arm of your business;
    • lack of knowledge about what is happening in your business, what sales are being made by whom, which of your products are most successful, perhaps because there are too many discrete sources of information;
    • users are complaining that the system is too slow - it takes too long to do their work.
  • You have Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you want to take it further, may be add marketing automation or one of the other add-ons available or perhaps extend it into new teams within your organisation.

Gill has been living and breathing CRM since the early 90's. Her first experience was developing a solution for call tracking when working on a support desk that had nothing other than paper - and not much of that! Then she wrote a Microsoft Access solution which ran her training business. This training expertise led to Gill being invited to lead the training team across Europe for Microsoft while they deployed Clarify and Siebel - before both of these solutions were swallowed by other vendors. This was followed by a few Clarify projects, which also brought her to Australia via Malaysia. Since 2002 she has dedicated herself to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and now Microsoft Dynamics 365.  You will struggle to find anyone more passionate about CRM solutions, or experienced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 than Gill.

Got issues with your CRM? 
Call on Doctor Gill - the CRM Doctor

Dr Gill will diagnose the issues and then prescribe a solution for you.

Since 2004 Gill has been the face and the head of Opsis - the Sydney-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy experts, a boutique business consultancy.  Gill is the lead Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE consultant, and will look after your project throughout.  Opsis's sole focus is helping businesses get more clients, better cashflow and happier staff by successfully implementing CRM strategies and technology in whichever platform (CRM Online, an on premises CRM or in our cloud - OzCloudCRM) is best for the business.  

Since 2002, Gill has helped small businesses, corporates and government departments with their CRM challenges, ensuring that their CRM projects - both new implementations and improvements to existing solutions - achieve results.  Some implementations are simple - just some support as the out of the box solution delivers everything, or almost everything, that that the users require.  Others are more complex and required working with a larger team, including coders to create a larger solution.  However, every project includes scoping so the aims of the project are fully understood, that both user and management requirements are met and the users are trained.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer

Gill is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer.  She has been training for over twenty five years across a range of products and CRM offerings.  More recently Gill has delivered many different courses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  

Gill is an expert at training end users to become more confident in their use of the CRM that they need to use to do their job.Gill Walker - Dynamics 365 Trainer, CRM speaker and CRM consultant

Gill developed Guide Me Guru, a program to enable people to understand the core functijonality of Micosft Dynamics 365 in their own time.  She is the author of the 'Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics 365' course, which is perfect way for business leaders and subject matter experts to start the see the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 before it is customised.  

She is also the author of several technical Microsoft Dynamics 365 training courses, including:

For full details of these courses see Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM Training with Opsis.

She was the Lead Trainer for Microsoft as part of the team who deployed a global CRM solution across Europe, and has worked in 17 countries from US to Europe, Asia and now Australia and most recently New Zealand.  Gill was the lead MCT trainer for Microsoft's major upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Microsoft CRM 2013 - which introduced the new, radically changed user interface.

Keynote Speaker on how CRM benefits business

Click here for Gill Walker's speaking profile

Gill Walker speaks to groups of business people about CRM.  She is the creator of the “Ahead of the Pack” seminars which provide key business decision makers with the information that they need to make to make those important decisions about CRM in their business.  Topics covered include:

  • The nine steps of CRM success
  • Leading a CRM leadership change
  • Taming the Beast of CRM data
  • Breaking the Barriers of Marketing Automation with ClickDimensions

From developing a basic system from scratch when running a Support Desk in the United States in 1991, Gill has understood the importance of Customer Relationship Management, the benefits that it will bring to a business and of using technology to support the CRM strategies of the business, rather than allowing the technology or IT to be the driver of the project. 

Gill Walker speaking with Steve Brossman As featured in FBO bannerRashid Kotwal interviews Gill Walkereaglewaves radio banner

Other achievements

Gill is a proud member of Keynoters Toastmasters a club that she helped to found.  Gill has loved working towards her Communication and Leadership awards.  Gill is Chairman of the Training and Leadership Institute for District 90 and has turned around the Club Leadership training within the District.  She has been the Vice President of Education and President of two clubs. She also took on the challenge of being an Area Director for Hawkesbury Division in the newly formed District 90.  

Gill Walker is a full member of Professional Speakers Australia.  She achieved her full membership status in August 2017.

Gill was a Venturer Leader for Normanhurst Scout Group for six years, and has been a key part of Dragonskin, the major event in the Venturer Scout calendar each year, including ensuring that all of the HQ staff of Dragonskin were fed over Easter.

For several years she was a stalwart committee member of City Business Swap - the leading business skill development club for business people. She sourced all the speakers for City Business Swap weekly meetings for several years.  When time permits she is a creative cook and loves entertaining friends at home. To relax she enjoys nothing more than reading or listening to classical music.

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Opsis is an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting company. Our focus is your Microsoft Dynamics 365 success - not licence sales or billable hours. As Principal Consultant, Gill oversees all business operations and strategic planning and execution, yet she still believes in offering personal attention to each and every client, so as to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions.  We are based in Sydney, with clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.  We offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 strategy, Microsoft Dynamics 365 scoping, Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 technical support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 advice and guidance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and mentoring.