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Introduction to Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Introduction to Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of all businesses.  And sales and/or marketing are usually the reason that most organisations embark on a CRM project with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Understanding how the vanilla sales and marketing within Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers results and saves time for sales people, means that you are able to make strategic decisions about how to best enable Dynamics 365 to work for you, without either reinventing the wheel or spending large sums of money on unnecessary customisation and development.

This one-day course is perfect for people who want to understand the full breadth of sales and marketing functionality within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This course is run on a vanilla, uncustomised, version of Microsoft Dynamics 365, so you gain an understanding of the functionality available before you embark on customisation or development.

Introduction to sales marketing in Dynamics 365At the end of this course, you will have:

  • An understanding of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports your sales process
  • The skills to set up your products and price lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • The ability to run a marketing campaign using Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • An understanding of the various ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you produce client-facing documents 
  • Skills to visualise sales and marketing progress via dashboards

This course does not cover third-party add-ons. 

Target Audience for Introduction to Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • People thinking of deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365, especially into a sales or marketing function
  • People who have already deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365, but want to get more sales and marketing benefits from it

Course prerequisites

A general understanding of the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365, equivalent to that achieved from the Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 course

Course length

One day