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Maximising Marketing to Drive Prospects to your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Maximising Marketing to Drive Prospects to your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Relationship Management solutions should give you a full view of how your clients interact with you, usually across your entire organisation, from the first contact.  This should include the marketing activity that often is responsible for first finding the prospect and also for much of the ongoing nurturing both before the initial sale and during the entire lifecycle of the customer.

Your buyers today are empowered and want to control their own discovery process.  Attract top-of-funnel traffic through inbound and outbound email activity. Marketing automation attracts prospects to the top of your funnel and then maintains their interest with additional contact.

Maximising Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes some great marketing functionality in the core product, as part of the sales module, including:

  • Marketing lists – static and dynamic lists of target contacts, leads or accounts
  • Quick Campaigns – great for a single communication to a selected group of target contacts or leads
  • Campaigns – a set of communications to a selected group of target contacts or leads
  • Personalised correspondence – using data pulled from your Dynamics 365 database
  • Tracking of all communications – related to marketing and other aspects of the relationship
  • Powerful reporting to show you the effectiveness of your campaigns

Although many organisations want to go further than this and use another marketing automation solution as well, it is valuable to understand what you already have before investing in further software, and possibly creating data silos.

At the end of this course, you will have:

  • The skills to build marketing lists
  • An understanding of directed and non-directed campaigns and quick campaigns
  • The ability to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Target Audience for Maximising Marketing to Drive Prospects to your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • People wanting to understand how they can take full advantage of the marketing functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 - whether you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-prem or online.

Course prerequisites for Maximising Marketing to Drive Prospects to your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

This course goes beyond the Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 course and assumes this knowledge.

You should already be a user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and be comfortable with:

  • Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Communicating with customers in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Course length

  • 0.5 days


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