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Train the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer

train the trainerTrain the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer is a fantastic option for larger organisations who want to train a larger number of users in the use of new or improved solution functionality.  It is also a great option for organisations that would like to keep their independence and manage their Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation themselves.

A good trainer is worth their weight in gold:

  • A good CRM trainer inspires confidence in your users.
  • A good CRM trainer empowers your users, which leads to higher user adoption of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment.
  • A good CRM trainer ensures that all users receive the training that they need for their role.

But no one is born with these skills.

Training is the cornerstone of CRM success 500pxWhen you use the Opsis' Train the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer solution, one of our experienced trainers works with your selected trainers, typically your power users, and shows them how to pass on their knowledge about using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your users.  Your trainers will be:

  • coached to deliver classroom training, not just "sitting with Nellie" style training
  • shown how to teach their participants, not just the how of using your Microsoft Dynamics 365, but also the why, which is essential for real understanding. 

Your trainers will learn about the different styles of adult learning, how to identify those styles, and how to ensure that all styles can learn in a mixed group.

We can also work with you to develop training materials that give your users the practical exercises that enable them to understand where their role fits into your overall business, and to see the big picture of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps your organisation, rather than just their own role.

Opsis' Train the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer service is more cost-effective than outsourcing your entire training to a third-party provider, while still giving you the benefits of high-quality CRM training - and benefits that stay with your organisation.