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ClickDimensions - Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you ready to power up your marketing?

One of the commonest requests from Marketers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 is how to link their website to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  The answer to this is to use ClickDimensions - Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As well as fantastic webite analytics, ClickDimensions gives you the ability to run marketing campaigns so you communicate with your prospects and clients using newsletters and emails and to track their success.  When a prospect visits your website you can see which pages were of interest to them.  Once a prospect shows enough interest in your website, you can add them to a campaign - automatically.  The campaign automation means that an early stage prospect receives several email communications from you with you having to do anything - the campaign is set and forget.  Given that we know that modern prospects want to do their own research before receiving a call from you, this sort of automation is essential for you to maximise on your team's effort.

With ClickDimensions doing much of the routine heavy lifting, your team can concentrate on creating great content and talking to those prospects who have indicted that they are really interested in your offerings.

ClickDimensions, 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace Solution Excellence Partner of the Year, gives you all the marketing power you need from within your Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Get the highest-rated marketing solution on Microsoft's Dynamics Marketplace! - as used by many of the largest users of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and by Opsis. 

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Email marketing – send to Leads, Contacts and Accounts all at the same time and without leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Full personalisation
  • Delivery, bounce, open and click tracking and reporting
  • A/B split testing
  • Subscription management for as many different subscriptions as you like
  • Easy drag and drop editor, or full access to html if you prefer
  • Use ClickDimensions templates or import your own
  • All email activity tracked and reported within CRM

Web tracking and data capture – direct to Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • See which webpages your Contacts and Leads have been visiting
  • Build your own landing pages and web forms which feed data directly into your Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Capture data from your existing website forms
  • Social discovery gives you a richer view of your prospects
  • Create and publish your own landing pages
  • Benefit from the web intelligence - operating 24 hours each day - telling you exactly how your website is working for you

Marketing Automation so you can nurture prospects until they are sales-ready

  • Create campaign automation programs (drip marketing) to increase touchpoints and build relationships
  • Score your prospects around the activities important to you
  • Assign Leads and Contacts to sales people and notify them automatically, based on your business rules

PLUS - additional features including

  • SMS messaging
  • Surveys
  • Event Management via integration with GoToWebinar, WebEx and Eventbrite.

Best of all, everything is seamlessly integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365

No separate login, not even a separate product - everything is natively built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365. You just have many more marketing options within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 - new functionality with the same look and feel.  And, all of your marketing data also stays inside your Micrsooft Dynamics 365 - so you can report off ClickDimensions data and Dynamics 365 data seamlessly.

So easy you can’t tell where Micrsooft Dynamics 365 ends and ClickDimensions begins.

ClickDimensions is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and also CRM 2016, CRM 2015, CRM 2013 (and even CRM 4.0, CRM 2011)


The Opsis team are certified in ClickDimensions and can support you from implementation and configuration to training, customisation and beyond. Find out more about ClickDimensions, or contact Opsis for a no obligation discussion today.

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Training your users

Training is a vital part of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 project - so you need to get it right.  It might even be the key part of your user adoption and hence project success.

Opsis end-user training is tailored to your solution, your processes, your data and your needs. Opsis Dynamics 365 end-user training shows your people how to fulfil their roles using your solution. Training based on your solution, your processes,your data means that the learning transfers directly into your workplace.

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We also offer public courses for technical and business team members.

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Work your CRM, not your team!

This white paper explains 42 common enhancements Opsis clients use to get more from Dynamics 365.

How many of them could improve your processes and your results?

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