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Seven Essential Questions to Start Your CRM Journey on the Right Foot

Understanding that CRM is a serious undertaking that will deliver huge benefits, but is not without significant effort, is key to your CRM journey success.  However, although CRM is simple, it is not easy.  What do you need to know to start your CRM journey on the right foot?  This is where working with people who have broad experience prior to your project will pay huge dividends. 

What do I need to know?

This e-book is a CRM Primer for all, which simplifies many of the questions so you can make the right decisions.

After all, you do not know what you do not know – as this blog article shows.

So how do you work out which kind of CRM solution is right for your growing business?  What are the seven key questions you need to consider? 




The Seven Essential Questions

These are the seven questions, whether your project is being led by an IT-focussed person or by a more business-focussed person.  Usually, a business-focussed person leading the project with genuine support from IT will deliver the best CRM results - since CRM is not technology, although it does use technology.

  1. What do you need the CRM solution to do for you?
  2. On-premise CRM or cloud CRM?
  3. Which CRM provider should I choose?
  4. What's the best way to compare CRM systems?
  5. Is CRM easy to use? How can I motivate my staff to use a CRM solution?
  6. Do we choose a generic CRM or an industry-specific CRM solution?
  7. Is the CRM system configurable to our unique business processes?

Good CRM helps your team build relationships with customers or clients and hence build revenue for your organisation. Bad CRM just trips up users and gets in the way – of building revenue and everything else!



 Published by Gill Walker