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This article was originally published on LiveBlogSpot

Key Steps to avoid poor User Adoption in your CRM – and reduce your CRM project budget

Imagine you have completed the rollout of your new (or upgraded) CRM.  But… the users are not happy.  Some of them are reluctantly using it, and the others are just sticking with email and their spreadsheets – or whatever they were using previously.  A few are vociferously complaining and making the situation worse for everyone.

When you find that your users are not willing (or able) to use a newly provided CRM solution you are seeing one of the biggest causes of CRM project failure.  Many of my clients are surprised about this problem of poor user adoption.  You only see User Adoption challenges after the solution is live.  This is because testing users are different from actual users, either because they are working with test scripts, or they have not adopted the world of the users.

It may surprise you to discover that the CRM projects with the greatest risk of a failure in user adoption are those based on technologies that can be radically changed

How to build customer loyalty in the age of choice

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This article was originally published in BizWitty.

Customer loyalty in the age of choice, it can feel almost impossible for a business to retain the loyalty of their customers.

Gone are the days of staying with a brand out of familiarity, but does that mean losing the return customer who quietly feeds your business growth in the background? Fostering loyalty in your customers need not be a Sisyphean task.

Do's and Don'ts of Business Training - published in



Education is the cornerstone to the success of many projects in the business world, and yet it is often not done – either totally not done, or done so poorly that it might as well have not been done. Meanwhile, we have some very frightening statistics of project failure – 60+% of IT projects are said to have failed and in the CRM space, that number climbs to 85%.

There are many reasons for these failures, and training or even broader education is only part of the solution. However, here I want to focus on how we can change our approach to training to get better results.

We know that people learn in different ways:

How to market yourself and get booked as a speaker

Gill Walker in Business Woman Media

In this article published in BusinessWomanMedia, Gill shows a side of herself other than CRM.  Here, she shares some of the lessons that she has learnt on the road to speaking. This article came out of a presentation that Gill gave at Speakers' Bureau Toastmasters in January 2018.  

marketing yourself as a speaker

In order to market yourself and get booked as a speaker, you must first understand why you should consider speaking at events.  If you have a message, or you want to influence people, speaking is a wonderful vehicle to help you get your message to the right people.  Speaking allows you to communicate with a captive audience without running the gauntlet of phone and email gatekeepers.  It is also an opportunity to share with the audience your ‘real self’, which if you are providing a personal service, such as coaching or consulting, is often important.

Marketing yourself as a speaker isn't about you, it's about them.

Implementing New Software
Ask these three big questions before you do

Many people are disappointed, upset, or downright distraught when a software or technology project costs more than they had anticipated or been led to believe.  Occasionally, rather than being the saviour of the business, the project becomes the death knell – this is especially true for smaller businesses that have often pushed out the boat for the solution, which they have been told is essential for the business.  And for family businesses, where the failure has an additional factor caused by the personal relationships involved, it can be much worse.  

Family Business Magasine coverHowever, many of these projects do deliver huge benefits to the organisation.  So I thought that I would outline the components of any project so you understand what is involved and your project can be one of the success stories. 

If you are looking at more than one solution, it is essential that you compare apples with apples.  One way of doing this is to draw up a matrix of key considerations and get each vendor to give you the appropriate information.  Any vendor that will not assist with this exercise may be hiding something.

In the rest of this article, I will give you some pointers to assist with this comparison.