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Do you want to ensure that your CRM project stays at least close to your planned budget?

To avoid a project, CRM or non-CRM, budget blowout - focus on Understanding.


This is a true story.

  • A client, badly misadvised by their trusted partner
  • Thousands of dollars wasted
  • Thousands of hours of effort wasted
  • All because understanding was missing

CRM projects are rarely found to be easy.  Budget blowout - and sometimes massive blowout - is surprisingly common.

Gill Walker presents "All Roads Lead to Rome - Understanding is Key in Successful CRM"

Rome - the place where a civilisation came to an end, where an empire fell over, and where the Dark Ages began - represents failure in your CRM project. 

When a lack of understanding exists somewhere in your CRM project, the path will lead you to CRM failure. As the idiom goes, "All roads lead to Rome" - as with 85% of CRM and ERP projects that were deemed failed. 

What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Release Wave One 2021

In this video, Gill Walker gives you a rapid-fire overview of the changes coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Release Wave One 2021.  She highlights what you should expect to change as release wave one comes to an environment near you!

Gill Walker's technique for succeeding in Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams

Achieving Success in Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams

In just under ten months during 2020, Gill Walker passed four Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams and developed a technique to ensure that you have revised everything necessary for the exam. In this video she shares this technique, which has delivered her success in four out four exams.  If achieving success in Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams is one of your goals, watch this presentations TODAY!

Given the importance that Microsoft is placing on people gaining certifications and not just gaining the certifications, but really gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding, this video provides real tips for you and your team members.

Although this video focusses on Dynamics 365 exams, much of the content is relevant to all Microsoft exams - and perhaps even more broadly.

If you have any questions, or would like some assistance with your own, or your team members, exam success, please reach out to Gill on 02 82 1234 80 or book a time for complimentary chat on .

Don’t let COVID-19 derail your CRM project

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The world has changed – almost overnight. Your team, are now working from home - for many people, this is a novelty experience and some may be struggling to keep everything on track.

In this video, I suggest three things which will keep your CRM implementation project on track.

Transcript of "Don't let COVID-19 derail your CRM project" - for those who prefer to read

The Mystery of CRM Success - Unpacked


Why Opsis?

Opsis is all about the clarity, security, and success of your Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Gill Walker - Dynamics 365 trainer (MCT) and CRM Success Catalyst

Hello, I'm Gill Walker, the Principal of Opsis.  My commitment is your success with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

My knowledge and experience are available to you through education, consulting, training your team, and speaking at conferences and other events.  I speak and train in person and virtually / online. 

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and the President of the NSW chapter of Professional Speakers Australia (PSA).  I have been a Professional Member of PSA for several years.  I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and I hold the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Solution Architect awards. I am also a ClickDimensions Certified Consultant.

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Five fundamentals of a foolproof CRM implementation strategy by Gill Walker

Five Fundamentals of a Foolproof CRM Strategy

To download our e-book, "Five Fundamentals of a Foolproof CRM strategy", click on this button: