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How Opsis helps with your CRM Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Challenges

There are very few CRM projects that go exactly as planned from go to whoa. Opsis have been helping clients with CRM challenges - Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and previously Microsoft CRM - for over two decades and we have seen many problems. We bring this experience to you.

CRM challenges often occur because CRM projects sit at the juxtaposition of business and technology. So, your project needs people with skills in both these areas.  Opsis helps you identify these people, and where necessary trains them so they are confident to fulfi their role.

CRM Challenges

CRM Challenges are commonplace. Your challenges will be unique to your business.

CRM Challenges can rear their ugly head at the start of the project, when it is nearly complete, or anywhere in between. You may also experience challenges when no changes are imminent. Whatever your challenges are, please talk to us – we have probably seen something similar previously.

What is your CRM Challenge?

Your CRM challenge may be

  • Getting started with your CRM journey
  • Configuring your CRM to reflect your unique business
  • You want a new CRM
  • Optimising your CRM or upgrading your CRM
  • You need some specialist support

With the right people beside you, overcoming your CRM challenge is easier than you might think. If you would just like a complimentary chat, please click here and our CRM Success Catalyst will talk to you at your chosen time.

Where are you on your CRM journey?

Getting started with CRM

When you do not yet have a CRM solution, so you are only just getting started - often because you are growing - you are often managing with a selection of various tools cobbled together. You know that you need to share data more effectively and have consistent processes, and that a successful CRM will help ypu enormously. But getting there is proving challenging.

Opsis help you get started by working with you to create your roadmap to CRM success.

In your roadmap, we establish your priorities and from these priorities we select the best technology for you.

Configuring your CRM to reflect your unique business

CRM Success is mainly about your people. We work with your people to understand what they need and then configure your Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet those needs. We guide you in our proprietary scoping workshop, so configuration made now does not need to be unwound later.

Rather than focusing on adding fields, and replicating your current systems, we look at the outputs – the processes, reports and dashboards - that you need and configure the technology, so those outputs happen.

You want a new CRM

If you have outgrown your CRM which often happens if you jumped into a CRM without looking into the future and having a roadmap, so you chose based on software cost – perhaps free – rather than total cost.

A few years ago, a colleague told me that most organisations have to implement CRM three times to get it right. The first two are to learn how to implement a technology like CRM, and the third one is “for real”.

However, before we recommend that you give up on your current CRM, we work with you to understand why it is failing. Often, the problem is not the technology, and working with a skilled technical resource to fix the issues – once the issues have been identified in detail - will be far cheaper than “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” – to start all over again.

Optimising your CRM or upgrading your CRM

Businesses evolve, and you may feel that your current solution needs some tweaks to make it really work for you. Or maybe you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premises and you want to look at moving to an online solution so that some of the administrative headaches are no longer your problem?

Specialist support

CRM is a journey. It doesn’t end once your CRM is set-up and operational in your business. It’s critical to your success that your CRM continues to evolve with your business over time. Perhaps you have some ideas, or you just want to discuss what’s possible with specialists. If you need help, we provide that specialist assistance.

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Opsis is an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform and CRM strategy consulting company. Our focus is your CRM success, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Power Platform or any CRM technology - not licence sales or billable hours. As Principal CRM Success Catalyst, Gill oversees all business operations, strategic planning and execution, yet she still believes in offering personal attention to each and every client, so as to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions.  We are based in Sydney, with clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.  Gill is the creator of SuccessRM - your blueprint for CRM success.  We offer:

  • Strategy for your successful CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
    • scoping
    • implementation
    • technical support
    • training
    • consulting, advice and guidance
    • assistance with your centre of excellence
  • Mentoring for CIOs and other decision makers tasked with implementing CRM.