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End-User Training for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE 

end user trainingEnd-user training is possibly the most overlooked part of any Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project.  End-user training is key for user adoption; and lack of end-user adoption i.e. users continuing to do what they did previously rather than embracing the new solution, is one of the most often cited causes of Dynamics 365 project failure. 

End-user training is also the part of the project, that too often gets cut because of lack of time or budget.  Yet, end-user training is the key to getting your return on investment because this is how you give your team the skills to use your CRM successfully, to feel confident in their use. 

Users who are able to use your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation confidently, and so feel positive about it, will readily adopt the solution because they see how it will make their job easier - they get the WIIFM. 

Our end-user training is developed for you.  It uses:

  • Your solution
  • Your data
  • Your processes

so your users understand the 'how' and the 'why' of using your solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to do their job.  This ensures that your users do make the leap from the training to the real world.

End-user Dynamics 365 CRM training should focus on the tasks that your users do, or will do, so they see how your solution and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will support them in their role going forward.  Like all Opsis Microsoft Dynamics 365 training, we focus on the why as well as the how so your users understand the reason for following a particular process or entering certain data.  Education that shows people the importance of what they are being asked to do, rather than just how to do it, has been shown to be far more effective.

business processesTypically, Opsis' end-user Dynamics 365 training takes the form of "A life in the day of rolename at your company".  The training shows how the individual tasks fit into the business process as a whole and always includes hands-on practical exercises that guide your users, in a safe environment.  This combination of seeing how the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 fits into the overall business and knowing how to do their particular job leads to confidence and hence to user adoption.  The biggest reason why users fail to adopt a new way of working, as is common with solutions such as CRM, as that they fail to see the benefit to them over their previous way of working.  Hence, users stick with their old way.  Combined with executive support of the overall solution, our training methodology gives you the best chance of gaining user adoption and hence project success.

hot warm coldThe training material is developed specifically for you and includes your internal definitions; for example, if you use the lead rating field with the values hot, warm and cold, we include an explanation of when a user should use each of them, not just if a lead is hot, set the rating field to hot.  We define hot, warm and cold as per your organisation and show when and why each should be used.

End-user training cannot be standard. 

Even if you have not configured your Microsoft Dynamics 365 at all, which is very rare, you have your own unique processes.  Your users should learn how these processes, fit with your Microsoft Dynamics 365, not someone else's process.

We always conduct our end-user Microsoft Dynamics 365 training immediately before your go-live with the new solution or the new functionality.  This ensures that life does not get in the way of the training, and users are ready for the go-live.  Following your go-live, we like to return a week or so later and answer the questions that have come up in those first few, critical days of using CRM. 


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