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Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 will add value to your business

- in your time, with help from an experienced trainer / consultant if you need itGuide Me Guru

Unleash the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Guide Me Guru

Guide Me Guru is the ultimate, hand-holding, beginner's walk-through for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Guide Me Guru is the solution for key decision-makers who are planning to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Guide Me Guru shows you the key concepts for a successful project result by teaching you the core functionality of the technology - before any customisation is completed.

Guide Me Guru delivers understanding which allows decision-makers to make the right strategic decisions about their implementation.  Understanding the functionality of the technology prevents poor decisions which often lead to challenges with reporting, integration and data migration later in the project.



In Guide Me Guru, we set up your 30-day trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you can work through your modules in the comfort of your own office or home, knowing that your Guru is only a phone call or email away

Guide Me Guru takes away the stress of setting up your trial and ensures that it reflects your Australian business.

Your Guide Me Guru free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes:

  • Your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 set up for you
  • Calls to ensure you meet your aims with your trial and later
  • Walk-through tutorials of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with step-by-step guides to using Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the key functionality
  • Email and telephone support from an experienced trainer/consultant during your trial



This seven-part program guides you to actively work with   Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you see how the Customer Engagement functionality will work across sales, marketing and customer service in your business and then shows you how you can use the information with simple reports. 

Microsoft offers a free 30-day trial of Dynamics 365 so you can assess whether the software is right for you.  But if you're new to Microsoft Dynamics 365, how do you know where to start and what to do?  After all, you do not know what you do not know.  

Who is Guide Me Guru for? Guide Me Guru is for everyone thinking about Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It is excellent if you want to know about the value of Microsoft Dynamics 365, before configuration, perhaps because you have doubts about your configuration.  Or if you are tasked with technical implementation and you recognise the need to understand the why of what you are doing.

What will Microsoft Dynamics 365 deliver to my business?

Guide Me Guru - takes the confusion out of getting to grips with Microsoft Dynamics 365Where to from here? - the usual feeling when trying out new software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes functionality to support you with:

  • Sales
  • Customer Management
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Analytics across your business
  • Business processes to streamline your business

You still have your day job to do, so you need to get to grips with
Microsoft Dynamics 365 quickly -
and getting to grips with all of that
is challenging 
for anyone.

This is where Opsis' Guide Me Guru can really help.



Guide Me Guru is in addition to your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It helps you really road-test Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a month (or less) and needs just a few hours of your time!

Guide Me Guru is the ultimate beginner's walk-through to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Guide Me Guru walks you through how the sales, marketing, service and reporting functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 work before you, or your consultant or developer or partner make any changes at all. This shows you how much benefit you can get from Microsoft Dynamics 365 before you spend anything on customisation or configuration.

Guide Me Guru modulesGuide Me Guru has modules that walk you through:

  • Navigating in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Customer Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • The Sales Process in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Understanding the product model in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Getting useful information out of Microsoft Dynamics 365

When you work with your Guide Me Guru trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get a real sense of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers, without having to read the entire manual.  And your modules build up into a workbook for future reference.

You can call us during the trial period.  At a minimum, we'll have an initial phone chat and a final follow-up call, but you can call us at any time during your 30 days to troubleshoot any issues which crop up.

This is a FREE service when you arrange your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 through Opsis. So what are you waiting for?  You may be surprised, just how much Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you. 



Guide Me Guru is your free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 - made easy.

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Opsis is an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform and CRM strategy consulting company. Our focus is your CRM success, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Power Platform or any CRM technology - not licence sales or billable hours. As Principal CRM Success Catalyst, Gill oversees all business operations, strategic planning and execution, yet she still believes in offering personal attention to each and every client, so as to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions.  We are based in Sydney, with clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.  Gill is the creator of SuccessRM - your blueprint for CRM success.  We offer:

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