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Top Six Reasons to Review your CRM this 2023

Christmas balls with the text Happy New Year and New CRM - Opsis2023 is just around the new corner and everyone’s brimming with enthusiasm and plans to make the New Year the best one yet!

Businesses are no exception. The New Year is the ideal opportunity to put new strategies in place to grow the business, win over new clients and build a company into a powerhouse. One area that might need your attention is your CRM solution.


According to PwC research, 73% of people say an important factor in their purchasing decision is customer experience. 86% of buyers will pay more, even on the more expensive items, if they receive a great customer experience.

What do you think is an excellent way to provide such an experience to clients? Yes, you guessed it. By using a successful CRM.

Why review your CRM this 2023?

Here are our top six reasons to review your CRM n 2023.

1. 2023 is the Year of the Customer

King coming out of a store happy and giving a five-star rating - OpsisThe customer is king – and it’s never been truer than it is today.

With public interaction between brands and customers at an unprecedented level online, it’s critical for businesses large and small to make customers their priority. What does this entail?

  • Knowing who your customers are
  • Knowing what your clients want
  • Ensuring each client relationship is expertly managed from the start

Implementing successful CRM will enable seamless communication and sharing of data between teams and departments through simple, effective tools and processes.

If your current system doesn't provide a seamless workflow, it’s time to check it thoroughly and improve its functionalities before you roll it out in 2023. 

2. Your Sales Team Needs to Hit the Ground Running

Image of a man preparing at the starting line - Opsis

The start of your year sets the tone for the rest of 2023. Your sales team is refreshed and recharged after the holiday season and it’s important to make sure they have the best tools at hand to start the New Year off strong.

Invest time now to develop successful CRM processes that will create easy and effective sales management all year. This will set your team up for success, ensuring you start seeing results in the first quarter.

3. You Can Capitalise on Gains and Correct Issues from 2022

Year-end review written on a notepad - Opsis

At the end of each year, it’s a good idea to look back and evaluate your company’s performance, get feedback from your sales team and other departments, and take into consideration responses from customers and stakeholders.

This data is a useful resource for determining what you really need from a CRM system.

  • Do you need one that offers exceptional data security - think Optus and Medibank?
  • Are you looking for a solution that is easy to train on and utilise?
  • Are you looking for a system that covers all your sales, marketing, customer services and reporting needs?

Once you know what worked and what needs improvement, you can choose a CRM solution for the New Year that capitalises on your successes and is best suited to your company's goals.

4. Attract the Best New Talent in the Industry – And Keep Top Performers

Employee performance evaluation form - Opsis

A significant part of growing your business and successfully implementing your strategies for 2023 is ensuring that your employees are engaged, supported, and have the right tools to reach their goals. This is especially important in high-stakes sales environments where top talent is in high demand.

Whether you’re looking to hire new blood to take your team to new heights or want to hold on to your top salespeople, build and develop a successful CRM solution that retains star performers and attracts new talents.

5. Take Advantage of the New Year Ramp-UpA woman facilitating training - Opsis

Almost every industry takes January slowly, and sales teams know it. This makes it the ideal time to review and implement a new CRM solution if needed.

Everyone on your team is feeling rejuvenated and ready to learn, your customers are either on a break or slowly getting into the New Year, and you aren’t in the middle of a rush period where introducing new tools and tech would be a high-stress event.

By upgrading your CRM solution now, you’re showing your team that you’re invested in them and ready to make 2023 a year to remember. They also have the time and energy to get to grips with new CRM tech and processes to ensure they’re ready when the rush starts.

6. Hone Your Competitive Edge

Competitive edge written on a road sign - Opsis

Competition is increasing every year, with sales interactions online between cities, regions and countries becoming more affordable and more commonplace than ever before. This means that companies need to actively think outside the box to gain that essential edge over the competition.

Whether it’s social selling systems, polished pitches, high-impact personalised marketing strategies or investing in the cutting-edge CRM solutions that make it all possible, it all counts towards that moment when the customer contacts you – and not your competitor.

Let Your CRM System Deliver Your 2023 Vision

CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 deliver the efficiency, ease of communication, exceptional functionality and customer service processes that your organisation need to ramp up the customer experience. If you can deliver, you gain the best position for success.

We help businesses utilise this powerful software in a constructive and profitable way, training and developing a customised CRM that works for you.

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